High quality drum tracks for YOUR music for $100

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High quality drum tracks for YOUR music for $100

Hey there! My name is Jan Kohrt. I am a professional drummer from Germany. Do you need very high quality live drums for your music? You've come to the right place! Lets start! I offer to track live drums for your project! I love to write and record drums for many different genres. Just feel free to message me!

In my studio I am always ready to record drum tracks for your songs.
Usually I am recording 3 or 4 full takes of the song and then pick the one with the best vibe. Later in the mixing process I might do cuts and edit stuff.
You can receive a finished drum stereo mix, premixed bus stems or raw tracks to let them be mixed by another person or yourself.

In my studio I am recording 15 regular channels of drums at very high audio resolution of 96kHz / 24bit.
I have all the close mics (kick, snare, hi-hat, ride, toms) plus a pair of overheads and pair of room mics. Depending on what the music needs, I might add some more special miking and secret weapons ;)

For both, mixing and recording, I use Cubase 11 Pro on a Mac.

TAMA Drums:
22x18 kick | 14x6.5 snare (Trackmaster) | 10x08 tom |12x09 tom | 14x12 tom | 16x15 tom

SAMSUN Cymbals (L to R):
20" Janus China | 20" Master´s Finest Crash | 14" Master´s Finest HH | 21" Master´s Finest Ride | 20" Absolute Thin Crash | 21" Absolute Thin Crash

EVANS Heads:
kick front - Tama logo; batter - EQ4 coated
snare top - Power Center Reverse Dot; bot - s14r50 |
toms top - G12; bot - G1

kick: Beyerdynamic TG D70 MKII (mounted inside the bassdrum), Solomon Subkick & Aston Origin (Out)
snare: top - SM57; bot - SM57
toms: Beyerdynamic TG I51
hats & ride: AKG C451B
overheads: AKG C214
room: AKG C214

I´m proudly endorsed by Samsun Cymbals & Tebbs Drumsticks.

  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Country
  • Hard Rock

Song: Dream On by German singer Deniz Eigen

Drums recorded at my home studio, all mixed at Boogiepark Studios in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Song: Dream On by German singer Deniz Eigen
  • Song: Guide by German singer Deniz Eigen
  • Song: Fis Ostinato
  • Song:

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