Hi! I am an online session drummer, and I want to help you make your song sound amazing. I have experience touring and recording for artists of the most varied styles, and with all this I learned something: ALWAYS SERVE THE MUSIC. Together, we can work to make your music sound amazing! All conditions are met to deliver you top quality recordings.

I am a versatile, experienced session drummer currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I've toured and recorded for projects/artist of the most varied styles: Big Band, Classical Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Blues, Neo Soul, Soul, Folk, Rockabilly, Brazilian Music, Post-Rock, Rock, Progressive Rock,Electronic, Pop or Indie.
There is something in commun to all this styles I play: Always Serve the Music.

There's nothing I love more than finding just the right sound and groove for your song. Creativity is something you can be sure I will add, helping your music to reach another level.

I record the drum tracks in a great studio, with different drum kits, cymbals and microphones, so I am able to record different musical genres.

Hit the 'Contact' button and let's create something great together!