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    Hello. My name is Mike and I am getting married in October. I had the great idea of hiring someone to write a song for my wedding. I want someone to tell the story of my relationship with my soon-to-be bride. If poss...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 22, 2022  Posted on: Aug 08, 2022

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    Our company is seeking an experienced drummer for recording soul, funk and hip hop grooves. Requirements ● Offer session compositions with a copyright transfer ● Create a custom job by pricing, description and...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Aug 07, 2022

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    Seeking custom beats

    Expires in 33 days

    I'm looking for someone who has an extensive catalog of hip hop beats that are available for use and is available to make custom beats. I'm not a big fan of using references because I'm not looking for someone else's sou...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 10, 2022  Posted on: Aug 05, 2022

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    Looking for A English Music Producer for 1 English pop song music production and providing pop melodic singing.Prefer Music Producer from USA.Budget of USD $250. Need pop English music cum pop melodic singing for music ...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 11, 2022  Posted on: Aug 04, 2022

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    I'm probably an intermediate level user of ProTools 12 and Propellerhead Reason, using them to record demos and help with songwriting. With Reason now being a plug-in (which seems great) I'm running into issues with how ...
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    Delivery Date: Oct 01, 2022  Posted on: Aug 03, 2022

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    I have a song written - including structure, rhythm guitar and vocal melody. Goal is to make this song pro level, with vocals, live drums etc. Will work with the guitarist first to get a solid track down before bring...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 11, 2022  Posted on: Aug 01, 2022

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    Hello guys! Im female singer starting producing my own songs. I've choosen couple beats I like and looking for ghost songwriter to write melody and lyrics for them. I cant afford yet paying high budget unfortunately. So...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 01, 2022  Posted on: Jul 31, 2022

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    Hey! We are looking for an expert in ukulele who can write articles for our website. If you like to write and ukulele you are the one we are looking for :) Please write your your rate 1000+ words If you have p...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jul 28, 2022

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    Music Arranger/Libretto/parts

    Expires in 19 days

    Music Arranger Looking for someone to print parts for original rock Musical "Sound Wall". Songs are all complete with lyrics. Need vocal lead sheets and band part/charts arranged and printed in Finale or si...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 27, 2022  Posted on: Jul 22, 2022

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    Hello, my friend and I went to a string quartet concert of Taylor Swift songs. She LOVED it and is now looking for a string quartet version of Taylor Swift's song, Invisible String, to walk down the aisle to. She would p...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jul 10, 2022

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    Hi 👋 My name is Mercedes and about 12 years ago I started a bluesy pop album in college. I managed to professionally produce two songs for the project but then fell on some hard times where I ended up having to pu...
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    Delivery Date: Nov 30, 2022  Posted on: Jul 10, 2022

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    Hi, I am looking for a male singer at the style of John Legend, Aloe black or similar to sing and write lyrics for this song. The vocal melody is played with the organ sound on this demo (starting at 0.19). you can ...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jul 10, 2022

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    Australian Americana country band looking for pro tools producer who also plays guitar/bass to work with on new project to record some new tunes. Looking at 3-4 hours per week at $25-30 per hour. Looking at recording 5...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 09, 2022  Posted on: Jul 04, 2022

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    Hello i have many songs and looking for singer need adition on one of my songs before hire Try to sing what i play on el gutar ...is the melody of the voice... put any kind of lyrics even if doest make sense ....and l...
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    Delivery Date: Oct 08, 2022  Posted on: Jul 01, 2022

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    I am winding up the production of a song I created some 7 or so years back and am now looking for a versatile vocalist to nail it. - The song is 3 octaves in range - Transitions twice (uses 3 keys) - Is a gospel tu...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jun 30, 2022

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    The headline for the project pretty much says it all. I need a female vocalist to sing the lead vocals for some EDM Trance songs I created. I already have the lyrics. I would like to give the vocalist I choose the cr...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 29, 2022  Posted on: Jun 30, 2022

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    Hi there so I am looking for someone who can create my playlists for fitness classes ... that I am able to use without any copyright issues.. I want the mixes to be as close to the original song as possible b4 it become...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 01, 2022  Posted on: Jun 25, 2022

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    Country Male Vocalist

    Expires in 23 days

    Seeking male Baritone vocalists, able to grab harmony parts on the fly. Clear "diction" is a must. Projects are very short, (( :08 to :12 second sings. )) All material is provided, track, scratch, lyric content ect. W...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jun 21, 2022

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    Looking a production assistant to clean-up up to 10 Ableton projects (Techno genre) on an ongoing basis including assisting with arrangements and general prep of projects ahead of mix down. May include additional work r...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 27, 2022  Posted on: Jun 14, 2022

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    Top Tier Mixing Engineer Needed

    Expires in 24 days

    Hi I am a European Composer/Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist and I just finished my new 14 song Alternative R&B album. I am looking for an experienced mixing engineer that can achieve such high quality mixes as...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 01, 2022  Posted on: May 21, 2022

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    Background primarily in Americana, bluegrass, blues, folk, western swing, fingerstyle, and flat-pick guitar. Primarily a vocalist with a wide range. The current state of the project underway is about halfway done. The re...
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    Delivery Date: Nov 02, 2022  Posted on: May 20, 2022