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    The headline for the project pretty much says it all. I need a female vocalist to sing the lead vocals for some EDM Trance songs I created. I already have the lyrics. I would like to give the vocalist I choose the cr...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 15, 2022  Posted on: Jun 30, 2022

  2. 1 Review

    I have 6 demo songs that I would like a professional to work on to give a final polish to the production, mix and master. I use Logic and am an intermediate user, so not the foundation is there, but it needs improvement....
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jun 27, 2022

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    Looking for a female artist who can sing and rap to perform a pop song (already written) in the style of Doja Cat/Ashnikko/Cardi B. ...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 09, 2022  Posted on: Jun 27, 2022

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    Soulful singer

    Expires in 4 days

    Funky dance track for soulful singer . Must be an excellent Diva singer such as Aretha Franklyn , Gladys Night , Whiney Houston. The track is projected to be released commercially , I have several good contact in the...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 04, 2022  Posted on: Jun 27, 2022

  5. 3 Reviews

    I WANT A LATE 90s/EARLY 2000s INSTRUMENTAL. my inspirations are staind, evanescence, sevendust and etc. i have albums and songs to reference from. thank you ...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 03, 2022  Posted on: Jun 26, 2022

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    Hello, Amanda has just launched a song on Spotify ( link https://open.spotify.com/track/4ErrQqT4pK2XiiW2uTS4iP?si=0d47d1339638487a ) and we are looking to have a club remix done for this song. Please post your bids (an...
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    Delivery Date: Jun 30, 2022  Posted on: Jun 26, 2022

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    I'm looking for that singer that can nail the song. I'm not really looking for a sound-alike, the track is to give an idea of what the song sounds like. I'll share both the original that I recorded and the updated versio...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 02, 2022  Posted on: Jun 25, 2022

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    Hi there so I am looking for someone who can create my playlists for fitness classes ... that I am able to use without any copyright issues.. I want the mixes to be as close to the original song as possible b4 it become...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 01, 2022  Posted on: Jun 25, 2022

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    This is a sweet sounding song that sticks in your head that has a wonderful light heart feel right up to the last dark moments. Singer songwriter rock indie type feel . Need male vocal. will need work for hire signed...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 05, 2022  Posted on: Jun 24, 2022

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    Don't leave a banjo player alone in the middle of the desert ! Hello, I'm looking for someone who can master bluegrass music and similar. Someone who is used to work mainly on this kind of music. Only mastering. I provi...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 09, 2022  Posted on: Jun 24, 2022

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    Wrote a song in the style of Alexander Rosenbaum. Looking for a singer/ guitar player to record it in that same Shanson kind of style. Must be fluent in Russian. Male vocalists only. ...
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    Delivery Date: Jun 30, 2022  Posted on: Jun 23, 2022

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    Hi, I have a super catchy Christmas song I'm producing, I'm looking for a great singer to recored remotely. I have a large catalog of published songs with various publishers worldwide and placements ranging from...
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    Delivery Date: Jun 30, 2022  Posted on: Jun 23, 2022

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    I need some sort of unique folk instrument playing some virtuosic solos (and tasty riffs in between vocals). The song is a weird and awesome blend of genres so I'm really open to lots of ideas on what this solo instr...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 02, 2022  Posted on: Jun 23, 2022

  14. 2 Reviews

    Country Male Vocalist

    Expires in 62 days

    Seeking male Baritone vocalists, able to grab harmony parts on the fly. Clear "diction" is a must. Projects are very short, (( :08 to :12 second sings. )) All material is provided, track, scratch, lyric content ect. W...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jun 21, 2022

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    I am looking for a creative percussionist to record unique and/or experimental sounds from bells or gongs. This could be achieved by playing unusual/exotic instruments, or by using unusual techniques (like mallet frictio...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 05, 2022  Posted on: Jun 21, 2022

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    Need 1 song produced

    Expires in 20 days

    Hello! I am the co-founder of a small startup brand in the blockchain space. I need a song produced in the style of Imagine Dragons' "Warriors" and "Believer". Purpose of this song: An anthem for the followe...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 20, 2022  Posted on: Jun 20, 2022

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    Seeking Scratch DJ

    Expires in 9 days

    We are working on a hip hop track that sounds a bit like the Roots/G Funk/Parlament, and are looking for a DJ to do some scratches. We are still working on the track, so I'm not going to attach it yet. But I will have i...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 09, 2022  Posted on: Jun 18, 2022

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    About Me: I am a competitive classical piano player of 11 years and creating a new ballad/song. Lyrical Theme: The song is about a boy in the closet, among a homophobic family. I have already written the lyrics and c...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 31, 2022  Posted on: Jun 17, 2022

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    Hello! I am putting together a set of demo songs for a musical theater show. For this job, I would like a single song, a 4-minute duet, to be sung by a baritone and an alto or low soprano. If it goes well, then I will ...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 07, 2022  Posted on: Jun 16, 2022

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    Looking a production assistant to clean-up up to 10 Ableton projects (Techno genre) on an ongoing basis including assisting with arrangements and general prep of projects ahead of mix down. May include additional work r...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 27, 2022  Posted on: Jun 14, 2022

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    I really need a lofi rapper/trap drill rapper for my up and coming album called life music artist must have a unique LYRICAL ability just be yourself I'M looking to expand and perform with other artists not threatened by...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 29, 2022  Posted on: Jun 12, 2022