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    I have a tune that calls out for B3 and electric piano touches. Think Stones, Stax, Chris Stapleton. Work has been done in Logic but just let me know what you need. Americana, Soul, Rock would be the genres. I am excited to be on this platf...
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    Piano, Keys, Synth Delivery Date: Mar 04, 2021  Posted on: Feb 25, 2021

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    Need Vocal

    Expires in 13 days

    I'm looking for a female singer. The song will be released commercially. I need all the vocals recorded (lead vocals, harmonies, stacks, ad libs). I'd like to use your name as the vocalist. I need to get it done by DATE. Check out what I up...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Mar 10, 2021  Posted on: Feb 21, 2021

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    I am looking for a high quality recording of a simple cello arrangement approximately 2 minute long as accompaniment for an acoustic song. I have written a relatively simple 3 part arrangement, for which I can provide sheet music. As my arr...
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    Violin, Viola, Cello Delivery Date: Mar 31, 2021  Posted on: Feb 18, 2021

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    We live in NYc she is having her wedding on March 2022 ahe would of had it with social distancing but unfortunately she was diagnosed with Lupus a few months before the pandemic hit. So she had to move the wedding. I wanted to do something ...
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    Violin, Viola, Cello Delivery Date: Mar 11, 2022  Posted on: Feb 17, 2021

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    Song for Niece

    Expires in 8 days

    Hello, I would really love nothing more than to give my Niece a thoughtful gift. She lost her Mother when she was nine years old and she has grown into an amazing person. This Girl has been through so much, but has persevered throughou...
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    Songwriters Delivery Date: Mar 05, 2021  Posted on: Feb 16, 2021

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    Looking for a male singer with a voice very close to Sam Smith for a dance cover version of his song "Him" Additional info: I'm looking for a male singer. The song will be released commercially. I'm hoping to find a good sing...
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    Vocals (Male) Delivery Date: Mar 06, 2021  Posted on: Feb 16, 2021

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    I am a singer songwriter. I wish to create a song with pop and symphonic elements. So I am looking for a producer. If you can also suggest some improvements, that would be welcome. You can find the link of the demo below -all rights rese...
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    Song Production Delivery Date: Mar 01, 2021  Posted on: Feb 16, 2021

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    Expires in 23 days

    Hi! I am looking for a producer to help me write an UPBEAT POP BEAT similar to “TWERK IT LIKE MILEY" by Brandon Beal or something similar to this beat : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF_z7n-RNbY&list=PLinVCVRBEayLTH6D-dEaKtl1Px...
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    Beat Makers Delivery Date: Mar 20, 2021  Posted on: Feb 15, 2021

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    Rockband needs Ableton Specialist to arrange set for Gigs. Check quantization, click and Cue for accuracy. Tracks to be used both in Session and Arrangement View, Song are to be grouped, 5 to 7 at a time. This is to allow musicians to c...
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    Audio Editing Delivery Date: Feb 26, 2021  Posted on: Feb 15, 2021

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    Operatic Tenor Required

    Expires in 16 days

    I’m doing the wonderful Prince song ‘Purple Rain’ as an opera aria. Working on the orchestration right now but need a tenor. Please listen to the song where you can and get back to me with a quote and any comments We can...
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    Vocals (Male) Delivery Date: Mar 13, 2021  Posted on: Feb 13, 2021

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    LOOKING FOR FEMALE SINGERS FOR SEVERAL SONGS WITH DISNEY ALIKE VOICE QUALITIES Dear Artists, Looking for Female Singers for several songs with Disney alike voice qualities as audio here https://soundcloud.com/user-586969027/like-a-dream...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Apr 01, 2021  Posted on: Feb 09, 2021

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    lead and harmony vocals with adlibs and dry stems. 2 day or 3 day tops turnover, reference trk, rap;/hip hop style in vegas club scene! first time there the main charactor and her sister in law. dressed to the nines everyone looking at th...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Mar 05, 2021  Posted on: Feb 03, 2021

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    I have several projects. I need a gospel choir. 10, better 20 people would be good. I need this depth, which is only possible through several singers. Black gospel choir preferred, with soul, heart, feelings. Long-term cooperation possible...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Mar 01, 2021  Posted on: Jan 29, 2021

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    Singer / Style Karen Carpenter

    Expires in 4 days

    Hi, I am looking for a female singer who sounds exactly, perfectly best and nearly like Karen Carpenter.Song/ target: Top of the World, Carpenters. I need a professional singer with experience, expression, intonation and groove. Looking for...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Mar 01, 2021  Posted on: Jan 29, 2021

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    Expires in 5 days

    Producer/composer looking for a vocalist/lyricist for project. Music written but needs lyrics and vocals. Male and female vocalists considered. Rootsy rock/pop with a modern edge. Think classic 70's mixed with the Bros Landreth, Tesdes...
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    Songwriters Delivery Date: Mar 02, 2021  Posted on: Jan 26, 2021

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    We have a couple of songs arranged for drums, bass, piano/hammond and horn section. We used plugins for drums and horns and the sound very live and natural (in our opinion). I'd like to have real horns though. Our references/inspiration are...
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    Brass, Woodwind Delivery Date: Jun 30, 2021  Posted on: Jan 25, 2021

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    We’re looking for a contralto singer/songwriter who sounds similar to Annie Lennox or Mary Fahl and nothing, even the least bit, like Taylor Swift or Ariande Grande to write and sing a melody driven, hauntingly romantic, up-tempo, pop...
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    Songwriters Delivery Date: Mar 01, 2021  Posted on: Jan 22, 2021

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    This song has a slide Sinatra vibe, but with a contemporary soulful touch. I need a lead singer who can also sing 1 harmony part in addition. I can provide you with an instrumental playback as well as a pilot track (me singing it, and I a...
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    Vocals (Male) Delivery Date: Mar 13, 2021  Posted on: Jan 21, 2021

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    7 inch Vinyl - Album Artwork

    Expires in 3 days

    London based band looking for a designer for their debut single album artwork. Genre: Alt Rock n Roll, Soul. We have the image already and need text overlaying to the cover as well as all the usual stuff on the back. Thanks
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    Album Artwork Delivery Date: Feb 28, 2021  Posted on: Jan 11, 2021

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    I have ten songs already published in my first album. I want to make an english version of the lyrics. For most of them I'd like to keep the same story/meaning, sort of translation. But I'm open also to new ideas. I'm not a kid, I'm 59, s...
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    Songwriters Delivery Date: Mar 31, 2021  Posted on: Jan 06, 2021

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    Producer For Multiple Songs

    Expires in 24 days

    Hi, I am seeking a talented multi-instrumentalist / producer / mixer to work on multiple songs with me in the pop / singer/songwriter genres. Some of the songs I will release as an artist with my vocals. Others, I will hire demo singers ...
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    Song Production Delivery Date: Mar 21, 2021  Posted on: Jan 05, 2021