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    I am aspiring songwriter that can write in various styles, and i am seeking someone to do full music production preferably commercial hit song for radio release in either hip hop, rap or trap style. I have the lyrics in ...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 30, 2021  Posted on: Jul 23, 2021

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    Need a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner in B-Flat Major. See the sheet music here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gki3FX1qY9x2WeaVJ5dcHNsORFn3BGac/view?usp=sharing Only the vocal line is needed! This recordin...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 27, 2021  Posted on: Jul 22, 2021

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    It's a tall order, but we need someone who sounds like Freddie Mercury. Buy-out or shared earnings basis. This is a huge ask of any vocalist, but it requires a blend of skills to reproduce an authentic Freddie sound. C...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 30, 2021  Posted on: Jul 21, 2021

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    I'm looking for more of a smooth country sound not pop country. Like a mix of Chris Stapleton and Blake Shelton. It's going to be for me and my husband. We just recently got married. We are first responders and I have...
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    Delivery Date: Oct 02, 2021  Posted on: Jul 21, 2021

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    90s rap style custom rap song

    Expires in 7 days

    I'm looking for someone to write, rap and produce a custom rap song for me. The style needs to be like 90s hard style rap, with an old school West Philly gangster beat. I already have an ideal beat for inspiration, and s...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 30, 2021  Posted on: Jul 20, 2021

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    I am seeking a charming tenor male vocalist for a jazzy showtune song I've composed. I would define the genre as a mix of Swing and Broadway - think Aladdin's "Friend like Me". Big parts are sung, but we'll also need you...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 30, 2021  Posted on: Jul 20, 2021

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    I am a folk singer-songwriter in need of Recording an arrangement for One Song - in the Genre of Folk Singer/Songwriter. I've recorded a demo of the song and it has a Folk/Bluegrass feel (Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Banjo e...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 16, 2021  Posted on: Jul 20, 2021

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    Female Vocalist wanted.

    Expires in 162 days

    Hello, I am looking to produce an experienced female vocalist. My name is Justin Wescot Peek. My friends in the Mission district, San Francisco call me Jay. I have knowledge in singing, song structure, music the...
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    Delivery Date: Jan 01, 2022  Posted on: Jul 17, 2021

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    Hi there, I am trying to hire someone to write and sing a song to tribute to those that lose their lives for the badge. I want it to be a very peaceful song. Not very loud and I want it to be acoustic mainly. If it is go...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 18, 2021  Posted on: Jul 14, 2021

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    female rapper

    Expires in today

    looking for a female rapper i have a hook and a chorus. need 16 bars. the hook says king but im changing it to queen. I want to encourage and motivate young girls. they can do anything they put their minds to it. looki...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 23, 2021  Posted on: Jul 13, 2021

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    Need rapper for covers songs

    Expires in 8 days

    We would like to record cover songs of RAP famous songs with rappers from US. If you would be interested in singing cover songs of the titles that we can offer you, by recording your vocals and backing vocals using the...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 31, 2021  Posted on: Jul 07, 2021

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    top rated client top rated client

    Seeking a visual artist

    Expires in 5 days

    for an album cover of Dubliners Sung, a project that sets James Joyce’s short stories to Celtic-flavored music w/ a rock sensibility. All mediums considered. The visual concept is to replace Dylan and the charact...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 28, 2021  Posted on: Jul 07, 2021

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    I am writing a house music track and need a talented and powerful vocalist to help me define the lyrics and to perform on it. I can offer a feature on the song too. The song will be released on a UK electronic music la...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 05, 2021  Posted on: Jul 03, 2021

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    Hey there! Budget is negotiable, and I have 5+ songs I might want to include besides this one. I'm in a hard rock band from Michigan. We have good tunes, but I struggle with song arrangement and need some tips. ...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 01, 2021  Posted on: Jul 01, 2021

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    looking for a female singer (melody) foreign language . Also, who is comfortable to be on a video recording. Involves singing and guitar. Preferably some one who can do both and passionate about global music. Who is comf...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 23, 2021  Posted on: Jun 30, 2021

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    I have 6 acoustic songs that I'm struggling to right simple lyrics for, for one reason or another. I have a sample of one song attached - they all have a similar sounding style. Sorry about the quality, as soon a...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 31, 2021  Posted on: Jun 29, 2021

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    We are new christian siblings / family singers that are looking to make an arrangement for our upcoming music recording for Christmas songs . We are part of a church in Australia. We did some of the Christmas songs alrea...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 31, 2021  Posted on: Jun 10, 2021

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    Bass Music (EDM)

    Expires in 8 days

    Looking for a producer who can make tracks that sound comparable to artists like Mersiv & Bassnectar - primarily their melodic tracks. Some examples: Mersiv - Morse Code https://soundcloud.com/mersivsoundproject/s...
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    Delivery Date: Jul 31, 2021  Posted on: Jun 10, 2021

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    This is a large project - I have 7 songs currently ready to go and I plan on having 10 by the time I move forward with this project. You can hear those 7 songs on my soundcloud if you follow the link. In the demos I am s...
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    Delivery Date: Aug 01, 2021  Posted on: May 09, 2021

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    Movie Audio Mastering

    Expires in 40 days

    Hello, I need my and I mean my original film music track mastered for final release. The film has been professionally and tastefully made and I need a audio technician that can master movie audio for release. The film ...
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    Delivery Date: Sep 01, 2021  Posted on: Mar 20, 2021

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    We live in NYc she is having her wedding on March 2022 ahe would of had it with social distancing but unfortunately she was diagnosed with Lupus a few months before the pandemic hit. So she had to move the wedding. I wan...
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    Delivery Date: Mar 11, 2022  Posted on: Feb 17, 2021