Nashville Drum Tracks - Online Remote Drum Tracks for $160

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Nashville Drum Tracks - Online Remote Drum Tracks for $160

Searching for the right drummer for your song demos or recording project ?

I've got you covered !

My service includes - Providing master quality acoustic drum tracks, recorded thru vintage studio consoles in a timely manor for the purposed amount of $160.00 .
12 individual wav files , 1 stereo drum mix , 2 Steven Slate Trigger wav files
( on kick and snare ) . Files recorded at 24_44 or 48k . Up to 96K . Your choice. This service also includes a bonus . ** 1 extra complete pass for you to edit.** So 2 complete takes for the price of 1.

Hi , my name is Peter Young . I'm a Nashville, Tn based drummer and producer. Since 2005 , I've been providing songwriters , recording artist's and producers professional acoustic and midi drum tracks for their song demos and recording projects . Now though "Airgigs" I can work with you on your songs. I'm versatile in Americana , Rock, Country , Jazz, Pop styles to name a few. I also can do drum programming if your looking for that sound too.

With my collaborations with a few choice studios in Nashville I'll record your drums tracks thru consoles like a NEVE' VR72 series or SSL G series console . Along Neve and API pre's , racks of 1176's , LA-2A's giving the drums punch , warmth and clarity along with todays digital technology for your drums tracks.

After finishing a good first pass, I will email you an MP3 of my drum track in the mix. You review the track, approve it or make suggestions where I need to make changes. After discussing any changes I'll record another complete pass . Send you a new MP3 to check out. Upon your final approval, I will then get the files ready and send you a link to download your drum tracks.

Please check out my Other Services : Midi Drum Tracks ,Full Song Production. Mixing and Mastering.

A few Credits:
- Chris Field (Movie Trailer Composer, Lord of the Rings,X-Men, many more)
- Paul Brown ( 2 time Grammy Winning Smooth Jazz Guitarist / Producer)
-Loretta Lynn (Grammy Winning Classic Country Recording Artist)
-Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition (Tour Drummer)
-Brett James (2007 Grammy winner-Song of the yr) Arista Records
-Bob Woodruff (Asylum Records)
-Chely Wright (MCA Records)
-Ricky Van Shelton (Columbia)
-Robin Lee (Altantic Records)
-Grand ol Opry Legends Fest Tour
-Walter Egan (Hit Songwriter/Recording Artist – Magnet & Steel
-Gary Talley (Guitarist/The Box Top…The Letter)
-Calum Martin (Celtic /Scottish Recording Artist)

Lethe - Emily Green 2018 London

Modern Pop - drums
  • Lethe - Emily Green 2018 London
  • What Does He Have- 2018 Joey St. Amand
  • ELLA QUIERE MAS - Fred Tovar 2017 Puerto Rico
  • Next To You - 2018 Unforgettable Hits Songwriter Demo

1 Review

  1. Review By: brodger Mar 9, 2018

    It was an honor working with you.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  2. Review By: brodger Jul 29, 2017

    Having one's drum part recorded in a legendary Nashville studio along with a professional engineer is impressive. But what impressed me the most was getting the exact groove I needed to lift my song to the next level. Peter was easy to work with and provided me with different style options and takes to choose from. For me this was important because I had a chance to choose which direction I needed my song to go in. I would definitely work with him again.