Nashville Drum Tracks - Online Remote Drum Tracks for $300

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Nashville Drum Tracks - Online Remote Drum Tracks for $300

Searching for the right drummer for your song demos or recording project ? I've got you covered !

My gig includes - Providing master quality acoustic drum tracks, recorded in a timely manor for the purposed amount of $300.00 .
10 individual wav files , 1 stereo drum mix , 2 Steven Slate Trigger wav files
( kick and snare ) . Files recorded at 24_44 or 48k . Up to 96K . Your choice. This service also includes a bonus . ** 1 extra complete pass for you to edit.** So 2 complete takes for the price of 1.

Hi , my name is Peter Young . I'm a Nashville, Tn based drummer and producer. Since 2005 , I've been providing songwriters , recording artist's and producers professional acoustic and midi drum tracks for their song demos and recording projects . Now though "Airgigs" I can work with you on your songs. I'm versatile in Americana , Rock, Country , Jazz, Pop styles to name a few. I also can do drum programming if you're looking for that sound too.

I collaborate with a few choice studios in Nashville to record your drums tracks thru consoles like a Trident Series 75, NEVE' VR72 series or SSL G series console . Along Neve and API pre's , racks of 1176's , LA-2A's giving the drums punch , warmth and clarity along with todays digital technology for your drums tracks.

After finishing a good first pass, I will email you an MP3 of my drum track in the mix. You review the track, approve it or make suggestions where I need to make changes. After discussing any changes I'll record another complete pass . Send you a new MP3 to check out. Upon your final approval, I will then get the files ready and send you a link to download your drum tracks.

Please check out my Other Services : Midi Drum Tracks ,Full Song Production. Mixing and Mastering.

A few Credits:
- Chris Field (Movie Trailer Composer, Lord of the Rings,X-Men, many more)
- Paul Brown ( 2 time Grammy Winning Smooth Jazz Guitarist / Producer)
-Loretta Lynn (Grammy Winning Classic Country Recording Artist)
-Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition (Tour Drummer)
-Brett James (2007 Grammy winner-Song of the yr) Arista Records
-Bob Woodruff (Asylum Records)
-Chely Wright (MCA Records)
-Ricky Van Shelton (Columbia)
-Robin Lee (Atlantic Records)
-Grand ol Opry Legends Fest Tour
-Walter Egan (Hit Songwriter/Recording Artist – Magnet & Steel
-Gary Talley (Guitarist/The Box Top…The Letter)
-Calum Martin (Celtic /Scottish Recording Artist)

  • Country
  • Americana
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Jazz
  • World

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