Top Session Drummer with Great Feel and Time - worked with Grammy Award Winning Producer! for $75

I am a professional drummer and studio musician based in Atlanta, GA. I have worked with Grammy Award Winning Producer Mark Neill (The Black Keys/Anderson East), Capricorn Recording Artist Memory Dean, JF Worship, singer/songwriters Steve Baskin, James Harris, Finn Owen, Chris Deming, The Perfect Fool (Spain), and many more. I provide clients around the world with professional studio drum tracks. I have tracked drums on over 100 songs some of which have received extensive radio play and over one million digital streams in the United States and throughout the world.

I am best known as a pocket and groove player. “The groove is the foundation for every song. My goal is to support the music and the artist with a solid groove and provide a strong foundation that will help the music excel."

Studied music at The University of South Florida for a few years. Performed hundreds of shows for tens of thousands of people in venues ranging from small jazz clubs to amphitheaters sharing the stage with some legendary artists. Performed both live and in the studio for various artists including with former Capricorn Recording Artist Memory Dean, soul/funk band Soulhound, pop/rock artist Steve Baskin, country artist Thomas Tillman, JF Worship, and many more.

Released debut jazz/fusion album, NEXT LEVEL, featuring some of the top musicians in Atlanta and Nashville.

Voting member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys).

$75 per track. I focus on the pocket and have tracked drums on over 100 songs, some of which have received radio airplay and well over one million digital streams throughout the world.

I will send you 2 multi-track takes on each song. Happy to make any changes that you might need!

Genres: Rock, Pop, Funk, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Americana, Jazz Fusion, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Christian, Progressive Rock, and more.

I endorse and play Sakae Drums (made Yamaha Drums), Paiste Cymbals, Regal Tip Drumsticks and Headhunters Creations. I have five drum kits that will capture any sound that you are looking from vintage sounds to big drum sounds to tight sounds.
- Sakae Almighty Birch Recording Drums (like Yamaha Recording Custom)
- Sakae Trilogy Drums - VINTAGE SOUND
- Yamaha Maple Custom
- 13 snare drums
-Wide variety of Paiste cymbals

Equipment includes Universal Audio, Audix, Shure, Audio Technica, Solomon LoFreq, Logic Pro X, Apple, etc.