I'm Luke O'Kelley. I feel honored to get to take part in creating songs. I know that your songs are a unique expression of who you are, and it's my goal to help you take them where you want them to go.

I've been playing drums in venues, churches, and in the studio since 2007. I've been remote tracking drums since 2016 and have recorded drums on over 100 songs for clients all over the world.

Artists I've played with include Matt Papa (live), The Tuten Brothers (live and studio), MYFEVER (live), The Welcome Home (live), Lane Marie (live and in studio), Andrew Brantley (in studio), Andrew Blooms (live), Jacob Mallow (in studio), Son and Thief (live), Zac Seabaugh (live), Grant Cowan (live), Jon Parks (studio), and Oak House (live). I've studied with world class drummers and educators Jeremy Haynes, Justin Varnes, and Al Sergel.

I play a Gretsch USA Custom kit, Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals, and a hand full of snares including a Ludwig Supraphonic and a Black Beauty.

I record with an Allen & Heath analog console into two Presonus Firestudio interfaces connected to a Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X. I've got industry standard drum mics including AKG C414s (room mics), Sennheiser MD421s (toms), KSM32s (overheads), SM57s (snare), Beta 52a (kick) and more.

Interested in working with me? Shoot me a message and I'd be glad to answer any of your questions.

- Luke