Kick-Ass Multi-track Drums for $130

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Hugo Ribeiro

Kick-Ass Multi-track Drums for $130

With over 20 years of drumming experience and a full-time studio drummer, I have recorded hundreds of drum tracks for artists around the world from my studio with credits: Moonspell, Godvlad, Fate's Frontier, Kandia, Armortura, Desolate Plains, Dimitri Toonen, Eternal Solstice, and many more...

You get up to 20 raw drum tracks(Kick, snare, HiHat, Room, etc…) in WAV 48KHz 24bit format(or 44.1KHz) and UNLIMITED revisions until the drums are completely to your liking.
Note: Songs over 5 min may have additional costs

Drums - Sonor SQ1 and various high end Sonor snares
Cymbals - Sabian AA; HH; AAX; Artisan
Mics - Sennheiser, Shure, Audix, Oktava and Sontronics
Interface - Audient and Audient Preamps

Demo Reel

I was the drummer in this production.
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