Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jake Perrett. I’ve been working as a drummer for many years now and when I’m not in my studio you can find me touring the UK with tribute bands, performing in different musicals, or working on the next big thing with my band, Khaki Scouts. I have studied with many of the worlds greatest drummers and teachers, including Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Neal Wilkinson and Pete Riley.

I like to bring a relaxed vibe when working with clients for a comfortable and friendly process, which, after all, will always get the best results!

Working with different artists over many genres is something I really enjoy and I’m sure I’ll enjoy working with you as well.

RECORDING CREDITS: Luke Burr, Lisey Tigra, Khaki Scouts, AJ Hans, Jakob Falcon, Miranda Amess, Aderyn

What can I do for you?

To put it simply, I can bring you a great drum take for your music!

As standard, I will provide 8 tracks of high-quality drumming at 24 bit, 44.1kHz, unless you specify otherwise.

On top of this, I understand that sometimes your music might need a little extra, a cherry on top, just to finish it in the perfect way. Maybe that’s a tambourine underneath the snare in the chorus, a shaker for the verse, maybe a tom overdub or some brusher, possibly even a Blue Oyster Cult style cowbell(I mean who doesn’t need more cowbell…). These are included at no extra charge as I want my drums to be right for your music. You are paying for a complete drum and percussion part, not just a main drum take!

You will have available to you an array of world class gear from companies such as, Yamaha, Ludwig, Mapex, Sonor, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Istanbul Mehmet, Shure, Røde, AKG, Tascam, Genelec, and Apple.

What will you receive and when?

You will receive up to 2 revisions and I aim to provide the first version within 2 days. At each point of the process to assess my work I will send you an mp3 bounce of the drum take. You will also receive a short snippet of each individual mic. That way you can hear the details of each microphone as well as the entire drum take.

Of course, I’d rather you leave satisfied with my service so if a small 3rd revision is needed, then that's what I will do. Although I’ve never needed more than 2 revisions, generally averaging somewhere between none and 1.

Once you are happy, and only when you are happy, will I send over the individual stems. I will also include a lightly mixed stereo bounce that you can use to record on top of and saves you worrying