The right drum track for your music played by a very eclectic musician for $30

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The right drum track for your music played by a very eclectic musician for $30

Hi I'm Marco Rovinelli, a professional drummer with 26 years of experience and owner of "Granito Studio" a facility dedicated mainly to record drums, I also produced there all my personal projects.
I played drums on more than 200 recordings (many dozens in my studio) in a lot of musical styles
I'm also a live session drummer who collaborated with many important italian artists such as Massimo Ranieri, Samuele Bersani, Amedeo Minghi, Andrea Bocelli or international artists like Amii Stewart, Gloria Gaynor, Tony Hadley, Josè Carreras, Chris Stills, Lee Mays, Natalia Lafourcade, Lena Katina...
In jazz contests I played with Arturo Sandoval, Diane Schuur, Bob Mintzer, Dick Halligan and many others

The clients of my studio are:
- songwirters that are self producing their albums
-producers that are making albums with artists for recording labels
- musicians for their instrumental projects (jazz, contemporary, electronic, fusion)
-music composers for films or tv series sountracks, product advertising or music libraries etc

I like to record drums in my studio because it gives me the chance to put extra attention on selecting the right equipment, record a good sound, experimenting different solutions etc etc

My services are:
Drum tracks recording in a lot of styles
Editing of drums takes
Stereo mixing of drum takes

Usually clients send me audio files (with or without drums pre-production) and after I've listened to them I like to talk about what to do, what they want, how to enhance the pre-production, if I need to replicate it or to add ideas, if we need to add electronic beats or loops etc etc
I can read music and drum charts if needed
I record my drums and I'll send them back probably more than one mixed drum take to listen to and eventually choose the right one or maybe make revisions to create the definitive version. When I have finished, I will send you all the single files (from about 10 mics to more depending on number of toms and extra accent mics, room mics)

My set up is:
a good room with some drumsets and snare drums (ludwig, gretsch, slingerland, yamaha), a lot of cymbals, an RME ufx audio interface with very nice outboard preamps (neve, api, chandler, altec) very nice microphones (old brass akg 414, neumann u87, coles 4038, m160, beyerdynamic 421, crown, various shure ...)

I'm happy to negotiate for custom needs, the price is intended for one song

  • Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Pop-Rock
  • World
  • Singer-Songwriter


a collection of song I played
  • medley

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