Vintage drums with textures, layers and overdubs - extra service - for $180

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Thomas Ebner

Vintage drums with textures, layers and overdubs - extra service - for $180

My name is Thomas Ebner, I'm a professional drummer from the north of Italy/ South Tyrol and I hit stuff and record sounds for records from my home studio.

What you get:
- Multitrack drum recording.
Drum tracks are recorded with EQ and Compression and will be delivered phase/ time aligned and mix-ready.
- Editing
Manual musical editing - NO QUANTIZING.
- Revision
Included for free is 1 round of revision. There can be as many changes as you want, but it has to be all in one round of information exchange.

What's available as extra:
- Percussion, Layers, Textures, Overdubs.
It can range from some fairly simple percussion instruments like a tambourin, shaker,
cabasa... cymbals swells up to chains, trash cans, metal plates, peaces of iron, glas, bottles, beer cans feeding the signal through guitar pedals, compressors, limiter, saturation, delay, reverbs, pitch shifter ...whatever it takes.
- Mixing
1 drum and 1 percussion stem mix.
- Extra Time
The standard fee includes 4 minutes recording time.
This applies to the length of the drum part, not the overall song time.
- Alternative take
Get another full version of the drum part to choose from later.

Please contact me if you require any of the additional services.

If you need anything else or still have questions about something else don't hesitate to send me a message.

Vintage Drums, Boutique Snares, AEA R88, Neumann KM184, Coles 4038, Beyerdynamic M160, Sennheiser 441/421, United FET47, API 512c, UAD Apollo

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