Pro Multitrack Vintage Drumsound for $95

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Thomas Ebner

Pro Multitrack Vintage Drumsound for $95

Hi there! My name is Thomas, I studied drums and popular music in London and now live back home in the north of Italy, in the middle of the Alps.
I love to focus on the groove and working out the right drumsound for your song. I mainly use vintage drums and record with Audient Pres and an Apollo interface.
I will send you the mix-ready separate tracks and if you wish I can also provide a mixed and processed stereo stem of the recorded drums, ready for mastering.
Find me on instagram @ebydrums for more videos.

- Ludwig 1969 Super Classic (22/13/16)
- Ludwig Pioneer Bass Drums 20s (25x12)
- Whitehall Vintage MIJ 60's (20/12/14)

- Ludwig Acrolite 1969 (14x5)
- Ludwig Supraphonic 70`s (14x6,5)
- Noonan Purpleheart Ash Soan Signature (12x7)
- UP Drums cherry tree "Golden Cherry" (14x6,5)
- Leddy Broadway Parallel Snare 40's (14x5)
- Gretsch Catalina Mahogany Snare (14x5)
- Whitehall Vintage MIJ Snare (14x5.5)

- AEA R88
- Beyer M160
- Beyer M201
- Sennheiser 441
- Sennheiser 421
- Electro-Voice 635A
- Shure Sm81
- Rode NT2A
- Subkick

- Apollo X8 (Unison Pre PlugIns API, NEVE)
- Audient Preamps

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