Pro Slide Guitars With Great Sound and Feel for $75

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Pro Slide Guitars With Great Sound and Feel for $75

No need to scroll any further for a perfect match. This recording service gives your song perfectly matching, tasteful and great sounding slide guitar recordings within short notice!

Rate is based on a single slide recording, but if you need a little more layering of parts or multiple slide tracks, just ask!

My service is professional and focussed on giving your production what it needs to feel great from a listener's position. I work fast and friendly, am specialized in vintage 1960's and 1970's guitar-styles but am broadly educated and experienced in working with many music styles. I've got a bachelor degree in music, and over 17 years of performing and studio experience.

Need me to arrange supplementary electrics? Just shoot a message and we'll discuss a custom order.

Your song is going to be in good hands. I will:

1.Listen to your demo and note what it needs
2.Make a plan to take your song to a higher level
3.Create the needed recordings, and invite you in for listening
4.Work out your feedback and implement any changes
5.Provide the final product, edited and mix-ready

You just need to provide:

A HQ demo-mix without the desired guitar arrangement
If possible the separated tracks, so I can provide You a reference mix
Wishes, a reference track or example, just express all your desires.

Place an order, and expect guaranteed satisfied results.

Looking forward to work together.


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