Complete Guitar Package, all genres, electric/acoustic for $250

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Jimmy Brewer

Complete Guitar Package, all genres, electric/acoustic for $250

I'm Jimmy, an Airgigs 'Top Rated Studio Pro'. I'm offering a full package of guitar tracks for your song, including:

2x Acoustic Guitars
2x Electric Rhythm Guitars
Lead/Hook Lines
Slide guitar
Pedal Steel impressions
Nashville tuned guitar
Mandolin if required
Ripping solo if required

I specialize in Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Pop.

I work hard to find the right tones and parts for the song, aiming to think like a producer and bring your song to life.

I've worked as a professional musician for over 10 years, touring the world both as an artist and a sideman, and working in high profile studios across the UK

Gibson Les Paul
Gordon Smith GS160 (Les Paul JNR vibe)
Fender Telecaster
Fender Strat
Gibson Cromwell Archtop
Ibanez RG
Auden Chester acoustic (OM style)
Auden Colton acoustic (dreadnaught style)
Danelectro U2 - Nashville tuning
Pilgrim Redwood mandolin
Alfredo Albertini antique mandolin

Hamstead Artist 20RT
Positive Grid Bias FX 2 Elite
Amplitube 4
Plugin Alliance rockrack

An extensive collection of pedals to experiment with!

If there's anything else specific you need, I can probably get hold of it from somewhere!

Showing off!

My tune
  • Showing off!
  • Modern country showreel
  • Rock showreel

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