Single Guitar Track - Acoustic/Electric/Nylon/Lap Steel/Mandolin/Ukulele/Baritone for $74

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Andrew Timothy

Single Guitar Track - Acoustic/Electric/Nylon/Lap Steel/Mandolin/Ukulele/Baritone for $74

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I'm a freelance guitarist based in Nashville TN. My specialties include pop/rock, singer/songwriter, CCM/worship, country, ambient, funk/R&B/blues and finger-style acoustic.

I pride myself on creating the perfect tones and parts to complement each song. Whether you want classic guitar sounds or modern ambient soundscapes, I've got you covered.

Electric Guitars:
Suhr JM w/P90s
Suhr JM w/HB
G&L Legacy USA Strat
Bluesman Vintage Tele
D'Angelico DC Deluxe (335 style)
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gretsch Country Classic Jr
Gretsch Lap Steel
Vintage Modified JM Baritone
Danelectro 12 string

Acoustic Instruments:
Collings D2H acoustic
Taylor 310
Alvarez Yairi nylon string
Regal Resonator (Dobro)
MK Dragonfly Mandolin
GoldTone Ganjo
Cordoba Ukulele
Seagull 12 String

1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb (the REAL thing)
Shaw Fulltilt 30
Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 (I use it for amp sims and effects)
Various Pedals - Jetter, Strymon, Rockett, TC Electronic, Xotic, MXR, Boss, Line6…
E-bow, slides, various picks for different tones

I record through an Apollo Twin into Logic Pro X.

Partial List of Session Credits:
Frank Foster
Drew Jacobs
State of Mine
Coffey Anderson
No Resolve
Jordy Searcy (The Voice team Pharrell)
Dark Horse Institute, Franklin TN
Various TV ad campaigns and network shows
8Eighty Records artists - Veritas, Candace Bennett, Blake Walker, Exit 13, Impact, Ryan Bell, Andrew Cunningham
Bridget Moses
Jeff Carl
Journey Community Church
Bob Fitts (Integrity Music)
Contract work for a software company that makes music education apps

The $74 price includes any one guitar track for your song (acoustic, electric, nylon string, lap steel, dobro, ganjo, or mandolin). I'll gladly do up to 2 revisions at no extra charge should you require it.

For an additional $5 I'll record a dry DI track for electric guitar that you can use for re-amping purposes.

*If your song needs more than 1 guitar track, I also offer services that include multiple guitar tracks. See my other Service listing for details.

  • Ambient
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Christian

Around The Bonfire

  • Around The Bonfire
  • Funky Swagger
  • City Lights
  • Hell Bent
  • Outside The Lines
  • Play House

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