Hello! I'm a professional guitarist, singer and songwriter based near London and I'm available for online session work.

I've worked in recording studios around the country playing many different genres. I'm comfortable recording pop, rock, country, jazz, blues, metal etc. I work hard to deliver exactly what the artist/producer requires and I take great pride in my ability to play what the song requires, taking into account tone, feel and consistency. I've worked as a professional musician for over 10 years and my career has taken me all across the world, playing in prestigious concert venues, theatres and festivals. I record from my home studio, where I am able to capture great quality guitar tones to fit your song.

* A 2010 graduate of the Birmingham Conservatoire jazz program
* 10 years working as a professional musician in the live setting and the recording studio
* Performed several dates opening for Joan Armatrading as part of her Local Talent project, 2012-2015
* Later selected as one of 10 of her favourite acts to perform in front at an industry showcase.
* Recorded and self released two solo albums
* Contributed guitars to several released albums
* 15 years experience teaching guitar both privately and in schools
* I have Grapheme Colour Synaesthesia and Chromesthesia

As part of Smith & Brewer

* Performed at countless high profile festivals across the UK
* Showcased at AmericanaFest 2017 in Nashville, TN
* Performed at the UK Americana Conference in 2017 and 2019
* Performed to a crowd of 20,000 at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2018
* Played a 26 date tour of the UK opening for 10cc on their Autumn 2018 tour
* Opened for Ralph McTell on his 2018 Autumn tour
* Worked with Tony Visconti to record backing vocals on Ralph McTell’s album Hill Of Beans
* Joined Fairport Convention as the support act for their 2020 tour (Jan/Feb)
* Played to a crowd of 20,000 at Fairport's Cropredy Convention
* Our debut album was critically acclaimed within our field
* Recently had a five page feature in Guitarist Presents Acoustic magazine
* Recorded two sessions for Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree
* Performed at several guitar trade shows across the UK
* Proud endorsee of Auden Guitars, Gordon Smith Guitars, Aston Mics, G7th Capos, K&K Audio pickups, Hamstead amplifiers, Newtone Strings, Chicken Picks plectrums and Vocalzone