Hi there... I am professional musician born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am a Viola Player in a Opera House´s Symphonic Orchestra in Buenos Aires.
I have also studied Classical Guitar, Violin, Composition and Orchestral Conducting in Argentina´s National Conservatory.
But... I am mostly a popular music player, and I love Pop/Rock music.
Even when I have got a very fast sightseeing sheet music skills, i think that for playing popular music is, by far, more important developing the intuition, as a main criteria for choosing what I to do.
Speaking about Popular music; I play Rock, Pop, Ballads and Blues. I also compose and arrange for groups of such music.
The music that I love and play mostly is Tango, one of the musics from my beloved country.
I have toured all around the world playing it, as a guitar player and arranger, and also as a Violin player.
For a Brief Example of the music I play this is my youtube channel:

Electrical Guitar strumming and soloing, and Singing on Rock Music:

Spanish guitar soloing and singing on ballads:

Tango on spanish guitar.

Jazz Guitar on Piazzolla music:

The Gear that I work with is:

Fender American Stratocaster.
Washburn J6s Wes Montgomery (Gibson Classic 57 Pickups)
Luthier made Classical Guitar.
Martin D-28 Acoustic Steel strings Guitar.

German Luthier made Violin.
Argentinian Luthier made Viola.

Neumann U-87
Neumann Km-184 (Matched Pair)
Dpa 4099

Audient Id44.

The way in which I work is by hearing to your music and trying to understand your ideas about them. After that I tell you my ideas of how can I be useful to your music, and I make my recommendations for each particular work. After we get an musical agreement, I record a brief demo to show you how it would sound what we agreed before. Recording that demo is also important to try miking technics, Strings, instruments, many things you must decide before tracking.
After that demo I begin working in delivering you my first recording. You can accept it or ask me for revisions. It is never easy at first try to arrive to desired results. My job is guaranteed in case that your are not satisfied with it.
It won´t happen anyway :) Be sure about it.
Be free to ask me any question you have.