My name is Brandon Autry, and I am a session/touring multi -instrumentalist and guitar instructor . Currently on tour with Sam Riggs, I also have extensive touring experience as the music director and lead guitarist for Chase Rice (Columbia), Brandon Ray (Sony), Chance Anderson, Brandon Clark, as well as many other artists of all genres. My studio experience ranges from Country, Rock, Praise and Worship, Blues, Blue Grass, Soul, R&B etc. I love music with all of my heart and would be honored to be part of your one of a kind project! I have experience recording guitar (acoustic and electric) steel guitar (C6 tuning) , bass guitar , and mandolin .

My gear consists of PRS, Fender, and Gibson electrics, Matchless, Tyler, and 3rd Power amplifiers, PRS, Martin, and Taylor acoustics, Fender J bass, Strymon, Fulltone, MXR, Emerson effects, Universal Audio Apollo interface, BAE 1073 mic pre, Royer 121, Shure SM57, WA87, and AKG 414 mics.

I pride myself most on my work ethic, and having a CAN DO, serve the song attitude. Please reach out if you have any questions! Let's make some music together!