Acoustic or Electric Guitars for $50

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Acoustic or Electric Guitars for $50

24 years of experience playing the guitar,
13 years as a recording studio owner.

Electric and acoustic guitar player
All styles, from metal to pop.

Martin 000-28EC (acoustic)
Admira FI-2000 (nylon string)
Amalio Burguet (Flamenco)
Guild F2512 (12 strings acoustic)

GIBSON: Les Paul Standard, ES335, SG R61
FENDER: Stratocaster and Telecaster
MusicMan Axis SuperSport


2x API 512c
Buzz Audio Essence Compressor
Golden Age Project PRE 573
Lindell Audio EX-500
2x Neve 1073
2 x HCL affinity a2 (tube)
2 x SCA N72 – Neve 1272 (clone)
2 x SCA C84 – Millenia HV-3 (clone)
2 x SCA T15 –
2 x SCA D11 – DI 2 Canales
1 x AVALON VT 737SP (Tube)
LA2A Drip Electronics (Tube Compresor)
1178 Nessie Audio Compressor
2xPultec EQP-1A (Tube EQ)

2 x AD-DA Converter Lynx Aurora 8 + PCIe AES16

Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 49
Rode k2 (Tube)
2 x Senheisser md421
Senheisser e602
AKG D-112
Audix D6
Shure SM7B
3 x Shure sm 57
3 x Shure sm 58
2 x Oktava mk012
Shure beta 58
2 x T.Bone RB-500 (Mod. with Lundhal trafo)
2 x Royer 121 (Ribbon)

*This is for 1 acoustic strumming guitar OR one fingered or Electric guitar or a solo track if you want to.

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • EDM
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock

Ballad Fingered

  • Ballad Fingered

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