In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Austin Donoho


Guitarist, session musician and producer from Tulsa Oklahoma. .

I have several years of experience in studio work and live performance. Currently playing with several different rock, country and worship bands. Specializing in electric, acoustic, and bass guitar.

I would love the opportunity to play a part in your next project.

My main focus is to create a comfortable and seamless interaction for the client. I only provide pro level quality tracks. Everything gets edited and snapped to grid after recording. Making it easy for you to drag and drop right into your project.

Gear List:
-Neural DSP Quad Cortex
-Fractal Audio Fm3
-Mesa Mark V 25
-Fender Highway one telecaster
-Fender Roadhouse deluxe Stratocaster
-Reverend Buckshot
-Reverend Pete Anderson Nashville Tele
-Reverend Tommy Koffin Signature
-Strandberg Standard 6
-Strandberg Salen Deluxe
-Strandberg Salen Classic Trem
-Fender Mustang Bass
-Fender Jaguar Bass
-Sterling Sub 4
-AKG C214
-AKG C414
-Cascade Fathead
-Blue Encore 100
-Apogee Duet
-Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII
-Pro Tools
-Logic Pro X

Guitar Demo Reel

some of my favorite projects to work on
  • Guitar Demo Reel
  • Streetcar - Lonewild
  • The Rope - Lonewild
  • Everything or Nothing - Willyecho

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