Electric/Acoustic Guitars specializing in ambience, tone and texture Tom Petty, U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, etc. for $150

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Electric/Acoustic Guitars specializing in ambience, tone and texture Tom Petty, U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, etc. for $150

As a session guitar player based in Nashville, I specialize in rock, blues and country and am mainly known as an ambient/texture player along the lines of U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, etc. My rock and country guitar playing is influenced by tasteful guitarists like Mike Campbell, Keith Richards, and Daniel Lanois. Focusing on texture, tone, parts and vibe, I believe guitar playing should always serve the song. I've played on many critically acclaimed records.

For electrics I have an assortment of vintage Gibson ES-335's and SG's, Fender Telecasters and Jaguars. I love big hollow body electrics. For my acoustic needs I use an '89 Gibson J-200 and a '67 Martin D-28, two of the best sounding vintage acoustics I have ever heard.

My two main amps are a Vox-AC-30 for classic low-mid gains ranging from The Beatles to Radiohead and a '67 Bassman for the legendary Fender clean tone. I have a super nerdy, borderline obsessive compulsive pedalboard filled with boutique delays, reverbs, overdrives and compressors that allow me to step into any live or session gig and sculpt my tone to whatever the artist requires.

As for recording I use the widely praised Universal Audio Apollo 8p into Logic Pro X with a variety of great condenser/dynamic microphones. For my acoustics and bass I run through a BAE 1073MP preamp. That combined with Universal Audio's award winning plugins and the quality of my instruments, it doesn't take a lot to get amazing guitar sounds.

My process is simple and designed to give you everything you need as efficiently as possible. If you know exactly what you want I can easily do it. If you're unsure about what you want then I'm happy to lend my years of professional experience to help you create the best guitar parts for your song. I'm a fan of layering and panning and will send you fully edited and comped finished tracks so all you will need to do (unless you specify otherwise) is plug the tracks into your song.

I'm easy to work with and can communicate ideas very clearly with artists about the vision of a song in terms of tone, parts, references, etc. I'm grateful and humbled to have the most positive reviews for guitar on all of Airgigs. Let's make some music and I guarantee you'll see why. Thanks!

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