High Quality Acoustic Guitars for $170

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Gabriele Cento

High Quality Acoustic Guitars for $170

I provide high-quality acoustic guitars. My credits include Jack Johnson; Pink Sweat$; Stick Figure

I really love playing Acoustic Guitars for your songs, creating guitar loops and offering high quality electric and nylon strings guitar recordings. I'm home when it comes to recording and using technology for music.

I have spent years mastering the craft of playing and recording acoustic guitar, selecting each piece of my gear to capture every shade of the sound. I have a good collection of instruments and microphones that cover almost every need, I can help you with a good range of genres as well. I always work to serve the song and to make clients happy, I mean 100% happy! I make sure to keep my communications fast and precise, my clients are never alone. Once the project it's approved I provide curated stems, aligned and ready-to-mix. Typical turnaround time is 48 hours, whenever it's possible I deliver the same day. Same goes for Electric Guitar recording service, just hit me up with your request.

Are you in search of someone who can craft the perfect soundtrack? Look no further! I've got you covered. I specialize in creating custom tracks for your movie, commercial, or playlist. Additionally, I can also work as a ghost guitarist. Be sure to check out my demo, and feel free to reach out for a personalized quote.

Send me a message and let's make music together!

Pink Sweat$ - Coke & Henny, Pt. 1

I was the guitar player in this production
  • Pink Sweat$ - Coke & Henny, Pt. 1
  • Jack Johnson x Stick Figure
  • Stick Figure ft Slightly Stoopid - Higher
  • Eventide - Childish
  • Soundtrack - Cinematic Guita

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