Private Online Guitar Lessons - 30 Minutes for $15

In Guitar By Aldo Spadaro

Private Online Guitar Lessons - 30 Minutes for $15

Hi, I'm Aldo Spadaro, a music professional with over 16 years of teaching experience to both beginning guitarists up to established guitarists. My lessons are friendly and tailored to help you improve help you improve your guitar-skills!

After an introduction we will make an effective plan how to take you to the next level and have a great time in the process. You may also like to think of songs or skills you wish to master and I'll make sure we implement it in your goals!

In general,

Beginners :

- Learn tuning by ear
- Learn Basic Chords & Basic Theory
- Learn Strumming, Finger-Picking and Basic Pick use
- Learn what and how to practice
- Learn to play the chords from popsongs


- Learn Basic Solo scales for Pop & Rock
- Alternate Picking and Legato Playing
- Learn to play song melodies and solo's
- Learn advanced chords and 4-note chords
- Learn to read pop sheets
- Learn to make a good sound


- Learn chords with option notes
- Learn arpeggio's
- Learn to play implement the diatonic scales
- Learn to improvise over chord changes
- Learn to transcribe solo's
- Learn how to record a professional performance

+ Sheet lesson material = included
+ Video recording = permitted

I give my lessons with the use of either Zoom, Google Meet or Skype

  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Pop
  • Country

Acoustic Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Rock Solo's
  • Slide Guitar
  • Electric Jazz Guitar
  • Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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