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Get your clean guitar or bass recording reamped using a Helix Floor tone by Line 6

*note if you want me to customise a patch from scratch for this recording please order the gig twice. I can then supply the preset file to you.*

Examples of amplifiers you can choose from:
- Fender Twin Reverb
- Marshall JTM-45
- Marshall Plexi Super Lead 100
- Marshall JCM-800
- MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier
- ENGL Fireball
- Peavey 5150
- ... and many more

Examples of cabinet Impulse Response:
- Celestion G12M Greenback 4×12″ and Shure SM57 Mic, balanced tone
- Celestion G12T-75 4×12″ and Shure SM57 Mic, balanced tone
- Recto 4×12 V70B 4×12″and Shure SM57 Mic
- Allure 70s WhoWhatt 100
- Allure 90s Cali V30
- ... and many more cab + mic simulations provided by Line 6

Examples of effects you can apply:
- Distortion
- Compression
- EQ
- Modulation
- Delay
- Reverb
- Pitch
- Filter

What you will receive ?
- Your guitar recording file with the chosen format and the requested improvements.

Why Me ?
- Friendly and professional service provided by someone who loves audio and tech.
- I've been working with audio for over 20 years including content and product development so I know a few tricks.

Cinematic Major Rise

Guitar reamped with Helix
  • Cinematic Major Rise

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