Vintage Blues, Jump Blues, Western Swing, and Rockabilly Guitar tracks. for $65

In Guitar By Tommy Harkenrider

Vintage Blues, Jump Blues, Western Swing, and Rockabilly Guitar tracks. for $65

I am a Blues and Roots guitarist based in Southern California. I have over 20 years experience in the genre. I have performed with James Harman, Kid Ramos, Lynwood Slim, Candye Kane, Rick Holmstrom, Junior Watson, Paul Pigat, Big Jay Mcneely, Kim Wilson, and Albert Lee.

My most recent recording project was for Apple Computers composing and tracking two Western Swing Tracks.

I would enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to your Blues or roots tracks. I specialize in playing what is appropriate, and engaging for your track. I look forward to challenging myself to meet your goals. If you envision a solo quoting Bill Jennings or Tiny Grimes i'll do my best. Also if your rockabilly song needs a Grady Martin or Hank Garland part I would love that. I do comping tracks as well. From Chicago Lumps, to Swing Sock Rhythm. Point is whatever vintage derived goal you have I would be honored to be part of it.

As far as guitars and gear. I use a 52 Gibson ES-295, A 65 ES-330, and a 50's ES-175 with Flat wounds. For Solid Bodies I use an 80's Tokai Love Rock, and a Pine Telecaster made by Dan Dunham. For amps I use a 50's tweed pro, a late 40's Magnatone, I also use an EH-185 Clone built by Nocturne Brain. My pedals include a Nocturne Mystery Brain Echo, Nail Head Tremolo, and 66 Fender Reverb Tank. I also use a Topanga Reverb depending on the project.

My studio is in my 1932 plaster and lath walled house. I use an SM-57 or Heil PR-40.

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