Acoustic guitar for your song ! for $100

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Acoustic guitar for your song ! for $100

My name is Michael Cleveland. I am a highly skilled, professional musician who has extensive experience recording tracks from home. I have been performing and recording professionally for over 20 years, with artists such as Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Jerry Douglas, Alison Krauss, and my own band, Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper.

I play bluegrass, country, gospel, jazz, Americana, and rock. If you need violin/fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar and banjo, I can do it all! I use a Scarlett 6i6 audio interface, and a Shure KSM32 condenser mic.

Guitar Jam!

Here is a sample of my guitar playing .
  • Guitar Jam!

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  1. Review By: Davecork Jul 7, 2019

    If you want sheer quality top notch playing look no further than Mike...I'd say it would be virtually impossible for him to deliver an ordinary take on any of his instruments...the man's a master musician...end of,....thank you Mike for your brilliant work on my songs....Dave

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  2. Review By: Davecork Jun 26, 2019

    I woke Monday, logged into Airgigs and Mike's was the first profile that came up .I wanted to know more as I had a few tracks that needed violin and I googled him which opened up a whole other look into his playing and life and both are utterly inspiring.Let me just say this, within seconds of listening to Mike's take on my song it was clear he's seriously gifted and is an absolute master of his craft. Superb playing & approach.THANK YOU so much Mike. You have heart and soul in abundance...D

  3. Review By: jakegraham Jun 19, 2019

    Thanks, Mike! I don't deserve to have someone as gracious and talented as you on my song but I'm very blessed you were able to be part of it. Looking forward to the next one!