Bass Tracks by Xeones Bass for $75

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Bass Tracks by Xeones Bass for $75

Jay Glaspy, owner of Xeones Bass
Jay is a focused, passionate, and driven session bassist with his own unique style. He has over 14 years of experience in session work, live performance, songwriting, and music production in numerous projects. With influences ranging from Tool to Prince, he is versatile in multiple styles from Rock, Metal, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, country, and R&B. Jay approaches every project as unique and strives to give every project 100% commitment to support clients' musical endeavors. information. His past projects include The Watch, Foglings, Collabyrinth, Merc 6, Nyla Page, Veda St and many others. Jay is currently the bassist for Washington DC based rock & blues band Schreiner (

- Fender Highway-1 Jazz Bass (2004)
- Fender MIM Jazz Bass with Lindy Fralin Split -Coil Jazz Pickups (1998)
- Fender Custom Jazz Bass with Moses Graphite Neck and Lindy Fralin 10% Overwound Single Coil Pickups
- Fender California Series Precision-Jazz Bass (1998)
- Washburn DB-30 4 String (BEAD)
- Spector NS-94 Neck Thru (1994, All Maple Body)
- Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass
- Kirland Acoustic Bass
Amplifiers, Microphones, & Effects
- Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Series Head
- Ampeg SVT 210 Pro Cabinet
- TC Electronic BH 800 Bass Head
- SWR 1x12 Workingmans Bass Combo
- Fender Rumble 1x15 Combo
- Shure Beta 52 Dynamic Mic
- Shure SM-57 Dynamic Mic
- Audix D6 Dynamic Mic
- Sennheiser e906 Dynamic Mic
- Sennheiser e602 Dynamic Mix
- AKG 3000 Condenser Mic
- Radial J48 DI Box
- Sansamp Bass Driver
- Darkglass BK3 Bass Overdrive Pedal
- MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe Pedal
- MXR Bass Compressor Pedal
- MXR Bass Distortion Pedal
- MXR Bass Octave Pedal
Audio Interface & Monitoring
- Apple iMac 27" Desktop
- Pro Tools 12
- Logic Pro X with numerous plug-ins
- Focusrite 18i20 USB Audio Interface
- Focusrite 2i2 USB Audio Interface
- Focusrite ISA Two Preamp
- Yamaha HS5 Monitors
- Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones
- Monster Bass Cables
- Mogami XLR

Use Me (Bill Withers Cover)

  • Use Me (Bill Withers Cover)
  • Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
  • Earned It (Weeknd Cover)
  • Reality
  • Bossa Bass
  • Embers
  • Pride by Veda St

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