Bass tracking by a Grammy nominated Session Bassist for $200

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Kyle Whalum

Bass tracking by a Grammy nominated Session Bassist for $200

When i'm not doing sessions in Los Angeles, CA, I tour and perform with both Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry. I also play on Kelly's Emmy Award winning daytime show in the house band, which demands diversity in knowledge of different styles. I'm proud to provide warm, rich, and lyrical electric, acoustic, and synth bass parts on styles from Indie Rock, Pop, Hard Rock, and Country, to R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Check out my playing in the next tab for a taste!

I record through lucious Noble Amps and Avalon tube pres, with outboard compression from my trusty Distressor for a present, balanced, professional sounding track. Unless specified, I will send both a "dry" track (just the clean, warm, analog sound of the bass and tube pres), and a track "how I hear it", with any effects or plugins that seem appropriate and sound great in the song. You are free to use whichever you like!

I guarantee your satisfaction within 1 revision.
Grammy nominated Session Bassist

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  • Hip Hop
  • Country

Pull You Through

This is an example of a more Americana, Beatles inspired feel (Chorus starts at :55). Artist, Maggie Rose.
  • Pull You Through
  • Roundtrip

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