Bass tracking by a Grammy nominated Session Bassist for $150

In Bass 100% Guarantee By kylewhalum

Bass tracking by a Grammy nominated Session Bassist for $150

When i'm not doing sessions in Nashville, TN, I tour with Kelly Clarkson, which demands diversity in knowledge of different styles. I'm proud to provide warm, rich, and lyrical electric, acoustic, and synth bass parts on styles from Indie Rock, Pop, Hard Rock, and Country, to R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Check out my playing in the next tab for a taste!

I record through lucious Noble Amps and Avalon tube pres, with outboard compression for a present, balanced, professional sounding track. Unless specified, I will send both a "dry" track (just the clean, warm, analog sound of the bass and tube pres), and a track "how I hear it", with any effects or plugins that seem appropriate and sound great in the song. You are free to use whichever you like!

I guarantee your satisfaction within a revision or two. First revision is on me!

Grammy nominated Session Bassist


This is an example of the more of the funky soul side of my playing. Artist, Kirk Whalum (yes, he's my Dad)
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19 Reviews

  1. Review By: kastokes Feb 27, 2019

    Kyle is the type of player you can either direct towards the sound you're looking for, or unleash him to do his own thing. Either way, you get a professional tone and in the pocket playing. To me, that's a pro.

  2. Review By: kastokes Jan 1, 2019

    Kyle knocked it out of the park once again. He's gonna have to be my go-to guy for bass from now on. Highly recommended!

  3. Review By: JohnnyWalylko Dec 19, 2018

    Kyle writes excellent bass parts! Very thoughtful and works with the song. Love hearing him play! Smooooth!!

  4. Review By: kastokes Dec 18, 2018

    First time having Kyle join me on a song, and it won't be the last. He knew exactly how to handle this basic four chord song and add some mojo to keep things interesting. Highly recommended!

  5. Review By: mrt1 Oct 13, 2018

    Reliable as always

  6. Review By: JohnnyWalylko Oct 10, 2018

    Kyle is at one with his bass and writes authentically and smooth! He's really just incredible.

  7. Review By: JohnnyWalylko Sep 25, 2018


  8. Review By: 2nextlevel Aug 27, 2018

    Greatt job! Love his bass track

  9. Review By: ALittleBitCountry Jul 24, 2018

    WHAT A BASS PLAYER!! Kyle's style is just ON. And it's on EVERY TIME. As always, my description for what I'm looking for is very minimal and I can only offer an existing drum track or guitar track as reference and somehow, Kyle seems to just KNOW, right off the bat, how the bass should sound for the best possible final result. And for that, I couldn't recommend him enough and am extremely grateful. SUCH TALENT!

  10. Review By: DominiqueDunlap Jul 16, 2018

    Working with kyle has been a blast! He really brings the best out of your tracks!

  11. Review By: ALittleBitCountry Jul 5, 2018

    Kyle's the man!!! His playing abilities are SUPER versatile. I've asked for bass work for a couple different types of songs and- to make matters difficult- haven't been able to provide a very thorough description of what I'm looking for because I'm not a bassist or guitarist, myself- yet he seems able to "feel" the song and provide exactly what it should truly call for. What a great, great bass player. Rock, country, blues, you name it: Kyle lays down 5-Star work every single time.

  12. Review By: ALittleBitCountry Jun 24, 2018

    Kyle's done it again!! It's no surprise to me by now and it likely won't be to others that it's always a pleasure working with Kyle and I'm always both fully satisfied and psyched to have musical work done by such a talented musician. Do yourself a favor and have Kyle provide a rockin (or smooth or soulful or jazzy or just downright fun & funky) bass line!!

  13. Review By: ALittleBitCountry Jun 16, 2018

    NO SURPRISE I'm reviewing with 5 full stars. Only wish I could issue more because there would certainly be 10, in full. I was not able to give Kyle a lot of reference to work with but he still managed to nail my request with ease. Extremely pleased with his work (as always) and recommend the living Hell out of working with him. Brandon, thank you man, truly...

  14. Review By: ALittleBitCountry Jun 11, 2018

    WHAT A GREAT job Kyle did!! GREAT, great job, truly excellent. Very thankful for his awesome work and I look forward to shopping other stuff his way, too. What an excellent job...

  15. Review By: Prozak May 16, 2018

    A+ gets the job done and delivers high quality tracks.

  16. Review By: Prozak Apr 11, 2018

    High quality tracks and A+ in communication as well. Rare these days, go for it!

  17. Review By: mrt1 Mar 24, 2018

    Great and timely service, clear and friendly communicator, and (most importantly) a capable musician delivering quality session work.

  18. Review By: rawl Mar 22, 2018

    It was indeed a pleasure working with Kyle, he is very great bassist, i’m really looking forward to working with him soon!!!!