Bass track for $50

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Darko Vlahovic

Bass track for $50


i'm a pro bassist from Croatia, with 15 years experience. Currently i play and record for many well known Croatian singers.

Few basses I use for recordings:
Fender jazz bass 1977 all original
Fender precision 1963 all original
Fender fretless precision bass
Aria pro precise bass
Ibanez acoustic bass guitar
Fender JV precision bass 1984

I use Focusrite Scarllet 2i2 or Tascam US144UL into Cubase so will happily send you either a wave file or Cubase project, as you wish.
For some recordings I use D.I. from my EDEN WT550 tube/solid state bass head.

I play variety of styles such as R&B, funk, soul, rock, pop, house, soft rock and much more.

50$ gets you 2 bass tracks and 2 revisions per one song. I'm confident and you will be satisfied for sure.

Feel free to to contact me.

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