Hello lovely people.
• I'm here to try and make your song sound as great as it can be. I will put my heart and soul into every take..promise.....

• I have been a professional musician for over 30 years now, so playing many styles and techniques is always a joy.
My main gig is as bassist to English musician David Gray. I have been performing, recording, co-writing and producing with David for 20 years now.

• I have also been fortunate enough to work with some top producers too including, T Bone Burnett, Marius de Fries (Bjork, Madonna) Iestyn Polson (David Bowie, Patty Smith) Phil Brown ( Led Zepplin, Talk,Talk). Chris Thomas ( The Beatles, Inxs, Pretenders). These guys have helped me hone my craft and enabled me to play Bass for the song.

• I will deliver two different creative takes within 2 days. These will include, 1 di clean version and 1 amped version for each track. These options will help you feel how I hear the bass within the track.

• Studio equipment
Vintage Fender P basses
Lakeland Basses
Steinberger Upright Basses
Logic pro x


Ashdown engineering (Amps)
D’Addarrio strings