Cool bass lines - Metal Rock Pop for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Maria

Cool bass lines - Metal Rock Pop for $75

I will write interesting bass lines that compliment your songs (don't you hate it when bassists play just the root notes?) Genres: metal, rock, pop. Slapping, tapping, weird time signatures not a problem.

I've been playing bass in rock and metal bands for over 15 years and I have tons of recording experience (I also have a music theory degree from my classical piano training years). I generally play with my fingers but I'll use a pick if it makes the song sound better. I can record both direct and mic'd.

You can send me scores/tabs or if you don't have any, I can work everything out by ear and you can give me as much or as little direction as you like. In the end, I can send you the scores/tabs of the bassline I write in PDF format (or a Guitar Pro or MuseScore file) for an extra $10.

I am also happy to provide a video recording but the price will have to be agreed separately for each individual case, depending on the length and difficulty of the song (somewhere between $40-80).

If your song is longer than 4 minutes, please understand that we will have to agree on additional payment, depending on the song, around $15 per extra minute.

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements. I set the delivery time to 6 days to allow time for any revisions and communication in between. I usually send the first version within a couple of days.

If you'd like me to work on multiple songs, I can offer you a discount!

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I started as a pianist when I was 8 and I taught myself to play the guitar when I discovered rock and roll at 13. A few years after that, bass became my passion which until now (maaany years later) I call my "main" instrument.

Music is my life and as much as I enjoy writing my own stuff, it's always refreshing working on someone else's songs. I truly enjoy each and every piece of work I'm given, no matter the genre. Go ahead and give me a go :)

My personal progressive metal project is called Emity Trap if you want to check my original stuff.

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Slap I wrote for a grunge song
  • Slapping
  • Harmonics
  • Under a 7/8 guitar solo
  • Arpeggiated chords
  • Metaaal
  • Tapping

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