Bassfretted/fretless, upright or synth each song for $85

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Reggie Jones

Bassfretted/fretless, upright or synth each song for $85

I have been a professional bass guitar player and double bassist for the last twenty years.
I have performed in many different musical ensembles all over the world, at venues ranging from tiny clubs to major Festivals. I have also had lots of recording experience from adverts to major label album releases.
I am experienced in a wide variety of styles having recorded and played lots of diverse music over the years. I am comfortable with standard musical notation and also improvisation. I am happy to take guidance and directions, or you can leave me to create something myself to enhance and support your song.
I am a fanatical collector of basses so can offer a wide palette of sounds including vintage muted flatwound strung instruments, aggressive pick style rock, smooth fretless and earthy upright . I am also an effects nerd and have a big selection of pedals and effects; heavy distorted fuzz sounds, smooth choruses, delays and modulations and also wah and envelope filters for the seriously funk addicted!
I have my own MacPro based recording set-up with high quality DI boxes and soundcard. If needed, I can record at 96K.
My 3/4 size 1890 Czech double bass will be recorded with one of my high end Neumann microphones that have given me great results many times before. For something a little different I also have a very nice Electric Upright Bass which sometimes hits the spot's all about the context and I will make the best choice for your track with all the options I have.
However, it's not just about the equipment of course, I'll be using my taste and judgement, developed over years of experience, to craft you the best and most appropriate bassline for your song.
Anyone wanting bass loops for hip-hop, rap style tracks, I can send you a 2-3 minute improvisation with variations (with drum loop) for editing to your requirements. I aim to complete any sessions here as fast as I can, so the seven days specified is an outside timeframe.
Please check out the samples on my Soundcloud where you'll find a selection of bass sounds and also be able to hear my rhythm programming.
I always happy to hear from and work with new artists to keep my approach fresh, so please get in touch!

Fat Dubby

Phat bassline on vintage bass.
  • Fat Dubby
  • Muted Retro
  • Swung Groove
  • Fretless
  • Nowhere
  • Nondum
  • Diamonds
  • Time

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