Professional Top Line Writer inc. lyrics for $150

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Stefan Kelk

Professional Top Line Writer inc. lyrics for $150

I'm a professional songwriter with industry-recognised top line writing skills. I'm new to the business but my work has been accepted by major record labels in Europe and Asia.
Once the song is written I will insist on a 50/50 split of future proceeds and would be happy to pass the record on to my labels/song-writing houses if that is your wish. This is highly recommend as it will encourage a greater profit turnover and will reach the Asian/European markets more effectively, however no deals will be signed without your direct consent.
I will sing a single take vocal guide, recorded with professional equipment. If you wish a more professional vocal performance from myself (inc. harmonies) this will cost extra.

Ease My Worries

Pop / Gospel
  • Ease My Worries
  • Take Me To The River
  • I'm Not Your Lover
  • See You Again
  • Sweet Hot Summer

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