Professional Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Vocal Producer, and Session Pianist, Living In Los Angeles, CA. I've been singing,writing, playing piano and producing for 15+ years and have been afforded wonderful opportunities to work with Platinum Grammy Award winning producers. I work hard and I want to make sure I deliver the best product for you!

Hey! My name is Chase and I'm at your service! I will deliver Radio Ready vocals and songs to you!

Genres: RnB| Hip-Hop | Pop | Soul

Listed below are the services I provide:

- Demo Reference Singing
- Writing top-lines over beats
- Writing melodic hooks and features for Rappers
- Playing Piano for needed tracks
- Vocal producing artists to get their best performance
- Producing and co-producing songs/tracks with artists

At the end of the day I want to make sure that you are 100% Satisfied with your order and that you love the results. To us creatives it's important we get what's in our heads out into the world for it to be heard and loved by everyone. That starts with us loving it first. That's why I will do free revisions (within reason). I want to help you make GREAT songs! At the end of the day I'm all about making sure the product is the best it can be.