You write lyrics, Ill write a song & record/produce a worktape for $200

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You write lyrics, Ill write a song & record/produce a worktape for $200

I am a professional writer with 7 Billboard top 20 hits and a #1 with country band Rascal Flatts. I have a pub company and pluggers who pitch my songs to artists here in Nashville and around the world.

If you are a lyricist, you send me your lyrics and I write music to the song. Once the song is written, I will then record what is called a worktape demo for the song. Usually, this means piano/vocal or acoustic guitar/vocal; at times there will be additional instruments like a loop and percussion or a keyboard instrument or two, as well as bass, but the demo will be a worktape that gives the idea of the song while not being a full production. (NOTE: the level of production depends on the kind of songs -- only 1 instrument and a vocal is required to fulfill the gig... sometimes I do more, as you hear in the work tapes below, in order to help sell the song itself).

However, if I really feel like the song has potential and needs a bigger demo, I will produce the demo out for no additional costs.

Some things to consider:

1) Lyrics are one part of a song. As I am writing the music and melodies, I will be coming in as a full partner on the song (i.e., 50% of the writing credit).

2) When I am writing music and melodies, lines may be rewritten and/or re-arranged to become more commercially viable. As we say in the business often: the only thing we're precious about is the song being great. My goal is to create a song from your lyrics that can be pitched to country artist or pop artists or go out to TV/Film sync. So... your lyrics may change from their original form -- but the intent will always stay there.

3) If the song gets cut by someone, you will have to sign a one-song co-publishing deal for that song with my publishing company KindacrazyMusic. Obviously with a cut or single, there is the possibility for quite a bit of money, and the administration of that money costs money. What a co-publishing deal on a song does is allow you to retain your full writer's share (50% of your part of the song) and keep half of your publishing (25% of your part of the song) while giving the other half of your publishing (again, 25% of your part of the song) to help administrate the song so that you get paid. NOTE: this clause ONLY comes into affect IF and only IF the song is cut by an artist and released.

By purchasing this gig, you agree to the above 3 stipulations!


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Where Ya Been

Started off just a lyric here on AirGigs, turned into this WORKTAPE DEMO
  • Where Ya Been
  • Just Like That
  • Doing
  • Without You
  • To the Moon and Back
  • Five Star Dive Bar

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