Songwriting and Production from published songwriter/producer/artist for $1750

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Songwriting and Production from published songwriter/producer/artist for $1750

I have been in the music industry for 15 years, travelled North America for the last 6 years on tour, and sold tens of thousands of my own records. My mixes and production can be delivered in a very timely manner. I work in Pro Tools or Logic. My songs and mixes have been featured and placed on FOX, ABC, WB, MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel, and more. Let me put the same love an attention into your idea and make it come to life. I can play every instrument as well as program very proficiently.

Here are the details of this service:

1. You keep 100% of the publishing/writing (this is a work for hire)
2. I help you write or finish the lyrics and music to your song
3. I can play and record...bass, acoustic and electric guitar, a yamaha upright piano, and sing.
4. When we are finished you decide who you want to edit and mix it. If you want it to be me great! I can edit and mix it for you as well for an additional $199. Or you can hire my Full Demo Production service which includes everything above for a $2500 flat fee...
5. We are both happy with the results and we do it again!

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