Songwriting and Production from published songwriter/producer/artist for $375

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Songwriting and Production from published songwriter/producer/artist for $375

Hello my fellow artists,

Please see my other services for tons of positive feedback and completed jobs. My name is Ziv, an artist, producer, and songwriter from los angeles currently living and working in Nashville, TN. I am offering you production, songwriting, playing of instruments, singing, etc.. I have songs placed on most of the major networks and a couple of movies. I promise to put in the same love and attention I put into my own songs into yours. For all of my music samples below, all Bass, Guitars, Piano, Vocals, and Mix were done by me in my studio.

Here are the details of this service:

1. You keep 100% of the publishing/writing (this is a work for hire)
2. I help you write or finish the lyrics and music to your song
3. I can play and record...bass, acoustic and electric guitar, a yamaha upright piano, and sing.
4. When we are finished you decide who you want to edit and mix it. If you want it to be me great! I can edit and mix it for you as well for an additional $150. Or you can hire my Full Demo Production service which includes everything above for a $500 flat fee...
5. We are both happy with the results and we do it again!

Below is my gear list Console and Outboard
Soundcraft 8000 console
Amek Custom
Vintech 273 mic pres (Pair)
Lexicon PCM 81
Lexicon PCM 60
Roland SDE 1000 (2)
Alesis Q20 Master FX
DBX 166A
Joe Meek SC2
Joe Meek VC1Q ( Pair)
Aphex 109 Parametric EQ
Digidesign 11 Rack

Software and Computers
MACPRO 8 core 24 gigs of ram
Pro-Tools 11
Logic 9


Neumann M149 (the one!!!!)
Oktava Mk-12 (pair)
CAD EK-100
Audix D6
Shure Sm57 (4 total)
Audix i5 (pair)
Studio Projects C3

Guitar Amps and Efx
Fender Pro Reverb (1972)
Vox VT15
LIne 6 DL4
Fulltone Fulldrive
MXR Octaver

1997 Fender American HSS Strat
1970 Epiphone Crestwood
1984 Fender P-Bass
2000 Martin DX1 (American Acoustic)

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