Lyrics Revision by Professional Songwriter/Songwriting Help for $95

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Pauline Andres

Lyrics Revision by Professional Songwriter/Songwriting Help for $95

Revision of your existing lyrics by Nashville based songwriter - all genres.

I will review your lyrics and make suggestions on how to improve them based on my 10+ years experience in writing lyrics and music.
This service includes re-writing and in-depth feedback.

- Does the message come across?
- Are you being too straight forward?
- Do your lyrics leave place for imagination?
- Are the lyrics in line with the purpose of the song (sharpness, catchiness, tone of voice etc.)

I'll ask & answer (with you) all the questions that need to be addressed before a song is made public to ensure maximal impact.

About my songwriting: I have written over 150 songs and counting for various artists (Rock, Metal, Country, Christian, Pop & more) delivering sharp, deep and carefully crafted texts with heart and soul that the press reviewed as "Thought-provoking", "Authentic poetic talent", "Sharp songwriting", "Deeply Impressive" & much more. Also see the many reviews on Airgigs to see what other musicians had to say.

Just get in touch and tell me about your project, we'll take it from there.

Need a full song written from scratch? Get in touch and we'll make it happen.

PS: by hiring me to work on your existing lyrics you keep 100% of the rights to yourself. I do not claim songwriting rights nor do I claim credits. When the job is done, I'm gone.

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