Ziv (the person/group founder) was born in Israel and moved to LA when he was 5. He has been writing songs his whole life. He sings, plays piano and plays guitar. As a former solo artist, Ziv worked mostly alone to write, produce and record 2 studio albums and 1 acoustic album starting with the release of Fearless (2005). He has sold nearly 15,000 CD's independently. In the midst of that workload, he would find time to set up his battery powered PA and perform solo acoustic sets all around LA.
After a 2 year recovery from severely overused vocal cords, Ziv slowly trained his voice back to health and released his second studio album Paper and Sound (2008). Not long after, Ziv started looking for a steady group of musicians that would stay with him instead of the hired guns he had been working with up till then. A tough task in the notoriously jaded LA music scene. After juggling spots for a bit, a group of talented, dedicated and mostly sane musicians fell into place. Josh , from Southern California, plays bass and sings background, and Mark, a recent transplant to LA from Croswell, MI, plays drums. Together they form the alternative rock band that resides in Los Angeles when not on tour.