Songwriter for $5000

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Peter

Songwriter for $5000

Funny lyrics whooping buts AND deeply emotional "hold me now"-songs are my key thing. I at least need your style and target audience to write a top-20 hit, and preferably final composition. I want access to the composer and the ability to change a few things if necessary.

No guarantees about hit value, but I'm pretty damn good...

A non-disclosure agreement is standard practice; no one will ever know you didn't write it yourself! Regretfully that prevents me bragging about some songs I wrote too...

You're secured by a full guarantee. "My heart will go on" so to speak with 20 or normally even 80 revisions, all the way until you and I together have your song completely ready for launch, up to each and every semicolon and exclamation point.

But, I'm not cheap. If it takes weeks, it's for my time, if it takes a few hours, it's for my experience and brilliant brain!

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