record a pro guitar track in studio for $20

In Guitar By Michael P.

record a pro guitar track in studio for $20

I'm a professional guitarist, studio musician, Composer, and Producer.

I own and operate a well-equipped music studio, and have a vast choice of guitar amps, pedals and everything you need to provide you the best result.

Pop Rock Hip hop and Blues are my specialties.

I will record professional guitar tracks (acoustic and/or electric) for your songs.
Check out gig extras, if you need extra fast delivery or Video.

Please contact me before ordering, so we can discuss the track, and what you're after.

I can record a guitar solo, rhythm/arpeggiating guitar track, acoustic/electric, you name it.

I can also build multi-guitar arrangements, compose parts, and work with a number of different instruments and amps, to achieve different sounds.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Best regards!

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop

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