Professional Recording and Mixing Feedback for $25

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Professional Recording and Mixing Feedback for $25

In my years of being a professional recording and mixing engineer I have had many people come to me seeking advice on recording technique, mixing tricks, song arrangement ideas and more.

If you are stuck somewhere in the process or just unsure of what you can do to improve your works, I would be happy to lend a hand, or at least an ear, to help you to move forward. Whether it be recording techniques, songwriting, arrangement and song structure, mixing, or any other part of the process, I am happy to provide knowledge from my years of experience!

Send me your recording and let me know what has been troubling you about it and I will listen to it several times and provide detailed feedback, advice and critique on those points. The 1 provided revision can be used to clarify anything that I have to say or to ask a follow up question once you have read what I send back.

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