My job is to help people tell their Stories better. That might be Composing, Sound Design, Mixing, or full Record Production. It is all about the Song.

30+ years in this game. I was trained as a Sound Engineer in a small commercial studio making AM Radio adverts in the late-80s. Sounds un-sexy but it trained me to be able to deliver.

I sidelined in Synthesis (seeing everyone else was scared of the synths + I loved Gary Numan). Synthesis led me into Composing my own work which initially was very New Wave, then became EBM/Industrial (for which I almost got record deals a few times around 1990 - but Techno/Grunge :shakes fist in rage:). Eventually, I settled into pure Electronic Music or Space Music. I have over 80 published projects.

Film & Game Scores delivered me Awards.

Mix Engineering & Record Production never left me. People would come to me in Forums etc for advice on how to handle their material. Several Indie (and totally unfindable) CDs have my name on them for this support.

I wrote a book called "The Indie Musician's Guidebook" based on all I have learned about what makes music Great and therefore how to get closer to that (there ain't no promises baby).

My big thing is Story. I care little about genre but a whole bunch about Story. Right now I done be listenin' to Dwight Yoakam. He's a great storyteller. Next will be Depeche Mode, their Stories are cool too.

So rather than tell you about how I is down wid Genre A, B & C, I am down with helping tell stories.

The Song is King with me. I will defer to the needs of the song, even if it may challenge the ego of either of us. Doing anything else wouldn't seem respectful to the real reason you hire me - to help you tell your story better.