I am a producer from Italy who has been awarded at several songwriting competitions and had my original music appeared on radio and TV.

I know how hard it is to work on a production, therefore my rates here on airgigs are very affordable! Grab one of my services: I record professional alternative/pop guitars, bass, cello as well as more arrangements for your song!

I will provide you with a series of dynamic solutions for your song by delivering quality arrangements. Have a look at my reviews before you decide.

Ps. If you are on a budget you may also like to ask me for a professional mix or a custom offer!


- Fender Telecaster Special
- Fender Acoustic Guitar
- Fender Strato 70ies
- Fender Jaguar Bass
- Kala Ubass
- Kala Soprano Ukulele
- Kalimba
- Adam A7X speakers
- Audient ID22
- Engl Thunder
- Roland Micro Cube
- Orange Crush Bass Amp
- Digital and analogue effects for bass and guitar
- Cubase 10.5 and a very large selection of professional VSTs and plugins