Hello there!
I am Lord, a songwriter and audio engineer from Italy who has been awarded at several songwriting competitions and had my original music appeared on national radios and TV. If you need to record alternative/pop guitars, bass or cello as well as more arrangements for your song don't hesitate to reach out! You may also like to ask me for a professional and low budget mix!

I will provide you with a series of dynamic solutions for your songs by delivering quality guitars, bass, midi and more!


- Fender Telecaster Special
- Fender Acoustic Guitar
- Fender Strato 70ies
- Fender Jaguar Bass
- Kala Ubass
- Kala Soprano Ukulele
- Kalimba
- Adam A7X speakers
- Audient ID22
- Engl Thunder
- Roland Micro Cube
- Orange Crush Bass Amp
- Digital and analogue effects for bass and guitar
- Cubase 10.5 and a large selection of professional VST and plugins