Production & Mixing Advice for $35

In Consultations By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Production & Mixing Advice for $35

People often come to me asking for advice on:
- How to Mix their track,
- Feedback on what they have, or
- What they could do to make their song sing shinier.

If you have Production questions like these as you work on your material, I am delighted to share my views on what you have and what you could have.

The process:
- I will need an mp3 of your song/piece so far. I prefer more competed works than two notes and a drum beat.
- Let me know what you like about this work. Let me know what you feel you are struggling with (but don't be too negative).
- I will listen to your work a time or three and then give a report on what I perceive in areas like Songwriting/Composition, Performance, and Mixing. I may even give advice on fans who may want to hear this.
- I will send this back to you to read
- If you want to understand something I said you may send one revision request where I will clarify a point, answer a relevant question, or even give feedback on a new version of the song.

If you take the advice given on-board I am confident that you will move forward (and that can be tricky as often it is the mind that needs to change and not the compressor settings).

If you want to know me, there is a (very long) video and some of my mixing that works to tell the story of each song.

The fine print:
This is a service based on opinions. I will assess what you send based on a combo of my professional understanding and experience. While my personal likes and dislikes can't be ignored, they are not the main driver of the reply I give. It is up to you how you handle my advice. I will be direct but unless I say "you suck" I am not saying that you suck. I am saying that with a bit of care, a different result could be delivered. Sometimes that can be hard to separate as our ego gets all kinds of jumpy but I have to work on the assumption that you want what I have to say seeing you asked. Even if I am wrong, just work from the old adage: where there is smoke there is fire. If my being wrong gets you to the right place, I have still been well worth it.

Follow-up is strictly limited to one instance (1) and within the 10-day window of this Gig and not open for any questions. Nor can you try to raise a new song or subject, that is just not cool. Buy the gig again.

I will be as quick as I can but please don't try to rush me or maybe my advice to you will have to be around being more organized so you aren't doing everything after the deadline :-)

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