Professional, detailed Mix Feedback for $30

In Consultations 100% Guarantee By Daniel Oldemeier

Professional, detailed Mix Feedback for $30

Unsure about your low end? You don’t know how to make the vocals fit the genre? You simply want to have another opinion on a song? I will lend you my professional ears to get the best out or your mix.

As professional mixing/mastering engineer and qualified lecturer in music production I’m sure, not only I will identify weaknesses (and strengths!) in your mix, but also I will be able to give you comprehensible feedback you can apply right away.

I’m going to listen to your song on different sets of top-notch studio speakers in my acoustically optimized control room. You will receive my notes on anything noticeable about your song in English or German including tips on how to solve the sonic issues and improve your skills.

Usually the turnaround times are shorter than one day so you can fix your mix as soon as possible. If there are any questions left, do not hesitate to ask!

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Production reel

Some songs in which I was involved as a producer, mixing or mastering engineer so you get an impression of my work.
  • Production reel

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