Feedback to Improve your Electronic Music Track for $10

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Feedback to Improve your Electronic Music Track for $10

You just need that second pair of professional ears to improve your track by a quantum leap? You're a beginner or intermediate electronic/techno/house/dubstep music producer?
You're in the right place.

Let me know in what phase of music production you are (creation, mixing, mastering) and I will provide you with feedback on the top points where to improve and also your top strengths so that you can focus on them even more.
The feedback will be given in written format with time stamps, analysis, tips how to improve and valuable resources for further information.

Example feedback topics are:
- Sound design
- Micro and macro arrangement
- Energy flow
- Frequency balancing
- EQing
- The red thread of your song (Is a first time listener interested? Is there a story told? Is the whole song catchy?)
- Low-end cleanliness
- Loudness analysis (Is your song ready for spotify, apple music, ...?)
- ...

You will receive detailed feedback on the top 3 points that would improve your song the most. On top you will also receive feedback on several minor points where intermediate producers can improve to advanced producers. The length of your song does not matter.

Anything unsure? Just let me know.

  • Techno
  • Electronic
  • House
  • Dubstep

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