LakeWave Music Lab is the place where music sounds real. Established in a calm and lovely region of Switzerland, secluded between the mountains and a small lake, but still very easily connected with the lively, trendy and active urban centres of Lugano (Switzerland) and Milan (Italy), LakeWave Music Lab offers a vast selection of professional music production services.

LakeWave Music Lab is a family-run business, based in our carefully tuned private studio. We invested a lot in finding the right hardware and acoustics, and we proudly have an optimal listening environment, within a musical room which has an almost flat frequency response on the full audible spectrum.

Claudia, the Chief Sound Engineer, is professionally trained in recording, mixing (studio and live), mastering and producing, with courses given by Berklee College of Music and SAE institute. She is the Golden Ear@LWML, and loves finding balance, grit and authenticity in all the music she comes in contact with (mixing your masterpiece, playing herself or just balancing her car audio system). She won’t be satisfied until your project really rocks, and be sure it will after her touch. Claudia has been playing as a performer since her childhood (guitar, flute, perc) and she developed a strong sense of musicality, attention to details and a wide knowledge of genres and styles, often matched with her own direct experience.

Giovanni holds an Engineering Degree and is in charge of all the technical development and management at LakeWave, also appreciating being involved in sound processing, especially when some experimental venture is required. He is the Tech Geek@LWML, and loves to get dragged into new gear, intricate routings, experimental processing and other nerdy stuff, and will make sure that your project goes through the best possible audio chain, in order to become tomorrow’s new hit. Giovanni has been active as performer (perc, drums, piano&keys) since more than 20 years, playing around Europe in small to large venues, in gigs ranging from chamber music to rock concerts.

We feel at home with studio production (from mix to mastering), live sound (rock and musicals), studio and live recording (rock and classical). Our musical background helped us in creating a powerful network of music professionals (rock and classic performers, composers and conductors… even if in most cases we like to call them just “friends”) which represent an invaluable resource for advice, discussion and creativity.