Producer Mix Review for $33

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Producer Mix Review for $33

Do you need a seasoned ear to provide constructive technical and creative feedback about your mix before you send it off to mastering?

I will listen to your working mix and give you a fresh perspective about its overall likeabliity, technical shortcomings, artistic effectiveness, and general readiness for release,

I am an experienced producer and engineer who has handled releases for a variety of independent bands and solo artists. I've attended a lot of mix and mastering sessions and I can give you valuable feedback that will help you feel more confident about committing to your end-product. As a partner of A&R for an independent record label, I've advised on numerous product-readiness cases.

One consultation includes a listen to one song and a detailed email or video to share my impressions and suggestions for your mix.

Don't settle for a release you're not proud of!

"Having Steve as a consultant was critical in staying on track for our Oceanographers release. With an incredible ear for quality, Steve is extremely professional and understands the industry and the process. During The Oceanographers production, he gave mix reviews, business consulting, and also produced vocals for The Abyss.

As an independent-artist, I was often so deep in the trenches of recording that I no longer knew what sounded good. Having a consultant with production experience outside of the recording battle really helped put things in perspective and gave me the push and encouragement to go for the quality I wanted for the songs.

If you desire consulting that is fast, gets to the point and quickly runs through realistic options to help get the most from your music and business, I highly recommend Steve Leavitt. The amount of unbiased knowledge and wisdom I received in our 30 minute sessions, allowed me to get the album I wanted, with the sound I wanted, saving me precious amounts of production time that I would of wasted running around in circles. Thank you Steve!"
– Justin Miyamoto, The Oceanographers

"Meeting Steven Leavitt was a godsend. Not only did he understand my original epic vision completely, but he raised the bar several times over, and the end product turned out better than I ever thought possible. I recommend Steven to any musical artist that is looking to take their art to the next level, whether it’s a professional sounding radio-ready recording, he’s here to make sure you get what you want."

-Adam Sears, Lobate Scarp

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