Programming. Perc. Tracks. Loops. Samples. Stuff to make your songs feel great. for $80

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By JD Lenick

Programming. Perc. Tracks. Loops. Samples. Stuff to make your songs feel great. for $80

**ALL RATES NEGOTIABLE** Programming. Perc. Tracks. Loops. Samples. There are many names for the intangible “stuff” that makes a song feel great. I’m available to put stuff on your songs.

Adding programming and percussion is a great way to give your song additional character and movement. Rhythmic beds of organic percussion, digital drum machines, big toms, ambient textures, or a hybrid of sounds are all elements I can bring to your production to help serve your song and give you a unique voice.

I work out of my home studio in Nashville, TN where I have an array of percussion, drums, cymbals, microphones, drum machines, sample libraries and other tricks up my sleeve to bring your song to life. Working from home also means I can turn initial tracks and revisions around quickly for you!

I don't put a limit on how many tracks I'll do — as many as it takes to get you the vibe you want. I want you to be happy with the final outcome, so I'll work with you to make sure you get what you need!

If you're interested, here's a non-exhaustive list of some of the main gear I use for this service:

Index Drums (various shakers)
Upcycled Percussion (various rattles and noisemakers)
Meinl (shakers and other perc)
Assortment of acquired perc including, but not limited to: tambos, shakers, maracas, triangles, caxixi, metal jangles, stuff from my kitchen

Mics (for live perc tracking):
Vanguard Audio Labs V44s Stereo Mic
Mojave Audio MA-200 Tube LDC

I use Universal Audio Apollo w/ Unison Pres. I have a bunch of options for tracking and post-processing including, but not limited to:
API Vision Strip
Neve Pre
UA 610B
Oxide Tape
NLS Channel Strip
Soundtoys Bundle (Decapitator, Devil-Loc, etc)
Valhalla reverbs
AKG BX-20 reverb
XLN Audio RC-20 and DS-10
Fabfilter ProQ-2
Pultec EQs

And of course, lots of sample/loop libraries to pull from.

Digital + Toms

Digital + Toms
  • Digital + Toms
  • Digital + Tambos
  • Shaker + Tambo + Prog.
  • Beat + Snap + Shakers + Hats
  • Perc + Digital + Vox
  • Programming + Vox + Perc
  • Organic + FX + Claps
  • Digital Bed + Organic
  • Digital + FX w/ drums
  • Digital + FX w/o drums
  • Perc + Clacks
  • Stomps + Hits + Perc + Clacks
  • Tambos + Perc + Clacks
  • Rest At Ease

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