percussion / one song for $70

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Jacopo Costa

percussion / one song for $70

Classical trained percussionist. I record vibes, marimba and other keyboard percussions in my home studio. I can easily access to a vast array of percussive instruments and record exactly what you need. Very good sight-reading, no problem with complex scores. I also play cymbalum, a rare percussion/string instrument from Hungary, if you wish to add an exotic flavor to your music.
I've recorded with Loomings (my own band),Yugen, Factor Burzaco, Empty Days, Camembert, Not A Good Sign (avant-progressive), Matmatah (French rock) and with the Orchestra della Rai di Torino. I play in avant-progressive and funk-jazz bands as well in contemporary music chamber ensembles and classical orchestras.
I'm a composer-arranger too, so if you want for example some vibes in your tune but you have just a rough idea about it I can develop it and then send the result for you to evaluate it: I can record different takes, do a basic edit and of course will record them again if you're not satisfied.

DAW: Pro Tools (11)
Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, Avid Mbox Pro
Mics: AKG Perception 420 (2X)
Vibraphone: Yamaha YV2700 with K&K pick up system ( allowing me to record the 3 octaves on 3 separate channels (possibilities to overdub different vibes tracks on different octaves).
I can easily get other mallet instruments (marimba, glockenspiel, xylophone) and percussion instruments, borrowing them from the music schools where I teach.

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