Percussion Tracking -Carribean, South American, Brazilian, Puerto Rico, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop Rock for $85

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Percussion Tracking -Carribean, South American, Brazilian, Puerto Rico, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop Rock for $85

Hello! I'm a drummer and percussionist with 20+ years playing experience. I read, compose, and arrange percussion parts. I have extensive experience with Latin, Brazilian, Jazz, and Pop music in addition to a background in classical percussion. Here are some details:

$85 per track
6 mins maximum per track
5 instrument tracks included per

1 rounds of revisions
Money back guarantee
Editing on buyer's end only

Latin Percussion Instruments:

LP Giovanni Galaxy Bongos, animal skins,
Tumba, Conga, Quinto, LP Richie Garcia Wood, animal skins,
Meinl Luis Conte Brass Timbales, Plastic Heads
Various Cowbells, many brands including LP, Meinl, Gon Bops
Various Blocks,
Guiro (wood and plastic)-various sizes
Metal Merengue Guira
Cuban Style Cajon
Bata Drums, animal skins

South American Drums:

Peruvian Cajon
Flamenco Cajon
Donkey Jaw

Brazilian Percussion:

Tam Tam
Forro Triangle
Agogo Bells (various pitches)
Maracatu Gonge Bell

Various Shakers, many brands types
Sound effects: Flexitone, Vibraslap, Slap Stick, Meditation Bells, Nut Shakers, Wind Chimes, various metal effects

40+ cymbal collections, all sizes types, brands

10 tambourine options, brass and aluminum jingles,

Assorted metal percussion, crashers, trash can lids,

Mic Gear:

Neuman KM 184
AKG CS 1000 (2)
AKG P420
AKG C414x2
Shure 57, 58, Beta 52, SM7B
WA U-87

Recording Set Up:

Apollo x8p
Logic Pro X


Performances with People of Earth, Detroit Symphony, Louisville Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, NYC latin and jazz artists

Recording for Grupo Descarallao, La Pachamambo, People of Earth, Dolce Suono Ensemble, The Delegation, Aerial Photograph, The People, Karmanauts, Michael Feinberg

  • Latin
  • Funk
  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock

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